Several types of packaging machinery favored by th

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Several types of packaging machinery favored by the market

looking at the current domestic packaging market information, several main packaging machinery with strong domestic market demand at present are:

fruit and vegetable processing and fresh-keeping packaging equipment: fruit and vegetable processing and fresh-keeping is an important trend in the future development, and it is urgent to need grading technology and equipment, high yield juicing technology and equipment, and energy-saving 7 Bearing concentration technology and equipment, installation method of quick-frozen adhesive stripping force testing machine, and dehydrated vegetable technology and equipment

complete sets of convenient food production equipment: mainly complete sets of convenient food processing equipment represented by instant noodles, convenient porridge, dumplings, steamed stuffed buns, etc, And the higher the demand "Plastic bag recycling is a worldwide problem. According to the domestic market survey, people's demand for convenient food is nutrition, high-grade and good taste. The market prospect of traditional food processing equipment, elderly and baby food processing equipment is also promising.

complete beer and beverage filling equipment: at present, there are more than 800 major breweries and more than 2000 major beverage factories in China. The beer filling machinery will focus on the development of medium-sized filling equipment of 50000 tons/year Complete sets of equipment, appropriately develop large beer filling complete sets of equipment with a capacity of more than 100000 tons/year. Industry insiders especially emphasized the need to develop multi-functional and fully automatic equipment with high speed, low loss, accurate measurement and automatic detection; Beverage machinery should adapt to the development direction of "centralized production of main ingredients and decentralized filling of beverages", and develop on-site beverage blending technology and equipment

pharmaceutical processing and packaging machinery: in order to solve the packaging problems of traditional Chinese medicine slices, films, injections, creams, powders and pills, a variety of pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment are urgently needed, especially high-speed, automatic and multi-functional packaging machinery and corresponding composite packaging materials

complete sets of corrugated board, box making (box) and printing equipment: except that a large number of daily necessities are packed in cartons, motorcycles and bicycles are also packed in cartons. The indispensable fruits in daily life are also packed in cartons instead of willow baskets. It is predicted that a large number of vegetables will be packed in cartons in the future. With the further development of economy, carton packaging enterprises have accelerated the pace of renovation. They urgently need complete sets of corrugated cardboard and carton (box) equipment with a width of more than 2000 mm, such as five, seven, nine and high-strength

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