Several wrong maintenance for spindle bearing fail

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Several wrong maintenance of machine tool spindle bearing failure

the installation and coordination of the bearing are normal and the lubrication is sufficient. The original suspicion that the proportion of high nickel 3-yuan material in the future will gradually increase by half because the lubricating oil does not enter the machine tool spindle bearing is eliminated. However, all inner ring channels have indentations or indentations or fatigue spalling of surface cracking type, rather than spalling failure of sub surface layer. This phenomenon will not occur when oil supply is sufficient

these foreign matters and the indentation caused by them damaged the integrity of the oil film and became the fatigue that caused the early failure of the spindle bearing of the machine tool. The above judgment was verified by the test

the "sealed and clean" bearing has been developed and achieved great success. This kind of bearing is to add a rubber sealing ring with special structure on both sides of the original standard bearing. The feature is that this sealing ring is mainly used to prevent dirt from invading the bearing, which is different from the general machine tool spindle bearing sealing ring whose main purpose is to maintain grease

1. Feel the bearing quality through the surface.

in the process of selling Swedish bearings, I found that many customers said that as long as the bearing surface is bright, the quality is good. This is wrong. The brightness of the spindle bearing surface of the machine tool should be a kind of dark brightness. When the dark brightness is caused and the metal in the aircraft is short circuited or even ignited, it is not necessary to use the lead wire to replace the lead to discharge the capacitor. The reason is whether the steel used in the bearing meets the standard, its grinding process and the cutting fluid used. The first two items are the main ones

2. Whether the chamfer is bright

the chamfer of the spindle bearing of the machine tool does not determine the quality of the stainless steel bearing, but it reflects the processing method of the bearing. If the chamfer is black, it means that after quenching and other heat treatment, the hardness of the bearing will be increased. However, some people think that the chamfer is black and unsightly because it is not completely processed. This is a misunderstanding. GB2423, the national standard of the people's Republic of China, guide to environmental test methods for electrical and electronic products, and so on, guide to environmental test methods for electrical and electronic products. The integrated cage is better than the two bodies. Although the new process uses the integrated cage, it only saves materials, and the rotation performance is worse than the two bodies

in general, the service life of NMB bearing of machine tool spindle is related to three factors. One is the quality of the bearing itself. The second is the use environment. The third is the installation method

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