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Shandong electric power robot project has won the national key R & D support

[cable news] recently, Shandong electric power company (hereinafter referred to as Guo) led the application The work robot system research and application project for the power industry undertaken by Shandong Luneng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Luneng intelligent company) and other units has become the key special project for intelligent robots in the national key R & D plan of the Ministry of science and technology in 2018

as the comprehensive support unit of Shandong electric power, Luneng intelligent company has carried out the research and application of electric robots in China earlier and become the pioneer of electric robot industry in China. As early as 2003, Luneng intelligent company developed the first domestic substation intelligent inspection robot prototype. In 2005, the project successfully passed the acceptance of the National 863 plan. Since then, Luneng intelligent company, based on its main business and focusing on the core business of electric robots, has created a new intelligent inspection mode with the core of breaking through electromagnetic safety protection, autonomous planning and navigation, and efficient defect diagnosis

after nearly 20 years of development and accumulation, Luneng intelligent company has gradually formed 6 series, 15 categories and more than 30 electric robot family products, including substation intelligent inspection robot, indoor track inspection robot and overhead transmission line UAV inspection system. At present, more than 4000 robots of various types carry out all-weather, all-round and autonomous intelligent inspection nationwide, and actively go abroad to provide intelligent inspection products for the power systems of Australia, Brazil and other countries

in order to build technological and product advantages and ensure its leading position in the field of electric robots, Luneng intelligent company has also actively built its core competitiveness based on intellectual property rights, become the first batch of enterprises in Shandong Province to pass the standard implementation certification of intellectual property rights, and won the honorary titles of national intellectual property demonstration enterprise of the State Intellectual Property Administration, intellectual property application benchmark of industrial enterprises of the Ministry of industry and information technology, etc

at the 20th China Patent Award Presentation Conference at the end of 2018, the indoor track inspection robot independently developed by Luneng intelligent company won the gold medal of China's appearance design. Following the discovery of the robot at the 2013 substation intelligent inspection users' meeting, it won this award again, which is also the only gold Medal of China's appearance design in 2018 won by the system of State Grid Corporation of China

Luneng intelligent company adheres to the development led by standards. It is a member of the national special robot working group, the national robot standardization overall group and the robot testing and certification standard worker "Moore", who was originally a member of the French moire working group. It has led and participated in the preparation and revision of 37 technical standards, including 5 national standards and 13 industrial standards. It is committed to promoting the internationalization of electric robot standards, Enhance the international influence of China's electric robots

this year, China home appliance Co., Ltd. proposed to build a three type (hub type, platform type and sharing type) enterprise, build and operate well (strong smart power and ubiquitous power IOT), comprehensively promote the construction of three types and two types, and accelerate the construction of a world-class energy interconnection enterprise with global competitiveness. As an important part of the ubiquitous power IOT, electric robot has ushered in new development opportunities and broader development space

Luneng intelligent company will continue to deeply integrate the big cloud intelligent technology into scientific and technological innovation with the spirit of innovation and rigorous style, strive to overcome key technologies such as new mechanism design, environment three-dimensional perception, accurate operation control and edge artificial intelligence of electric robots, and continue to improve the quality reliability, ease of use and ease of maintenance of robots. At the same time, focusing on the R & D and application of four types of robots: gas insulated metal enclosed switchgear maintenance robot, cable tunnel detection robot, live working robot and 500 kV overhead transmission line live working robot, the artificial intelligence technology must be marked with QS on the plastic bag and closely integrated with power safety production, so as to better play the important role of robots in the construction of "three types and two types"

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