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In the hot summer, SFAE electric cabinet production department is facing the heavy task and high temperature. Beijing is sweltering in summer. At this time, the project task of SFAE electric cabinet production department is like this. The excessive use of chemical fertilizers and other non-point source pollution in agricultural production is threatening. Ian Fuller, vice president of business development and engineering of angstron, a supporting electric cabinet project for the endless strip steel production line (ESP) of Rizhao Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., said that through cooperation with other companies, there are a large number of large projects in Shagang and Shanggu. Although it is not the peak month of production, it is estimated that the output of finished electric cabinets will be nearly 300, with a total of 201 operation boxes and consoles. In the face of such a large workload, it is impossible to successfully complete such a centralized production task without careful planning, overall layout and reasonable arrangement in order to arrange the allocation of parts exceeding the capacity in a limited production workshop

sfae electric cabinet production department, from the manager to the staff, entered the war preparation state and began to take action in full swing. Everyone in the office will discuss plans and arrange tasks; In the workshop, the hoisting group quickly installed wheels for the cabinet to facilitate the work of the next link; The material distribution group shall carry out boring distribution in an orderly manner; The assembly team shall skillfully assemble the cabinet and components together; The wiring group works carefully according to the drawings; The inspection team completes the key closing work meticulously

of course, in addition to the orderly production plan and arrangement, the concerted efforts of all staff are also the key to completing the task. In the small battlefield of the workshop, everyone competed with safety, quality and time, sweating like rain and silently contributing. Just like the coil in the electric cabinet to ensure the accuracy of measurement data Like screws, they are ordinary but not simple. Only with their high-quality electric cabinets can they present the best state in the production process of customers

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