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Jiangsu "assists" agricultural mechanization with the construction of machine maintenance capacity

from August 14 to 16, the third national agricultural industry vocational skills competition for agricultural machinery repairmen Jiangsu Provincial selection competition was held in Jiangsu agricultural and Forestry Vocational and technical college. After fierce competition, 26 contestants from 13 districts and cities in the province finally selected three contestants, who will represent Jiangsu Province to participate in the finals of the national agricultural machinery repairman technical pressurization device 1 general hydraulic or pneumatic pressurization energy competition after intensive training

"the fundamental way out of agriculture lies in mechanization, and machine repair is a strong guarantee for the realization of agricultural mechanization." Zhangguokai, vice president of the trial, said that as a high-intensity production tool, agricultural machinery has complex structures and many components. It is frequently damaged in complex environments. In order to make efficient use of agricultural machinery, maintenance technology should be ensured. It is understood that in recent years, Jiangsu has vigorously promoted the cultivation of skilled agricultural machinery talents around the requirements of high-quality development of agricultural mechanization for the cultivation of skilled talents, and has achieved positive results

1700:1 there is a large gap of machine maintenance skilled talents

as a large province of agricultural machinery manufacturing and use, Jiangsu's agricultural mechanization level and agricultural machinery ownership are in the forefront of the country. While the number of agricultural machinery has increased significantly, the processing is more convenient, but the maintenance of agricultural machinery in the market is seriously insufficient

according to the survey of Jiangsu Provincial Department of agriculture and rural development, up to now, the comprehensive level of Agricultural Mechanization in Jiangsu Province has reached 88%, with more than 8.3 million agricultural machines and tools, and the annual maintenance volume of agricultural machines is about 2.3 million. On average, each agricultural machinery maintenance site needs to undertake more than 4700 times of agricultural machinery repair and maintenance tasks, while each maintenance site has only 2.8 agricultural machinery repairmen on average, and the proportion of the number of agricultural machinery to the number of agricultural machinery repairmen is 1700:1. The shortage of skilled personnel in agricultural machinery maintenance has become one of the factors that make it difficult for agricultural machinery to see a doctor

in recent years, Jiangsu has focused on agricultural machinery driving, operation, maintenance and service personnel, and has made greater efforts to cultivate agricultural machinery practical technology and skilled talents with the support of agricultural machinery vocational skills certification award and subsidy projects, new professional farmer cultivation projects, etc. Since 2016, the number of people who have received vocational skills training, passed the appraisal and obtained vocational qualification certificates in the province has reached 59242, of which 56110 people have enjoyed the provincial financial certificate award of 52.5 million yuan. According to the requirements of the central and provincial governments for the cultivation of new-type farmers, the province has used 23 million yuan of financial funds to carry out 7745 new-type vocational farmers' training

at the same time, Jiangsu has vigorously cultivated highly skilled agricultural machinery maintenance talents through the construction of agricultural machinery maintenance talent training base. At present, the province has jointly built 6 provincial agricultural machinery talent training bases, 50 agricultural mechanization schools, 80 agricultural machinery vocational skills training bases, and created 5 "master studios in a series of departments such as aluminum industry involving bauxite, alumina, carbon electrode, power supply, electrolytic aluminum, aluminum processing, waste aluminum recycling". Every year, it also organizes and participates in the qualification training courses for national examiners and quality supervisors, and holds teacher knowledge update training and teaching competitions to provide support for the training of agricultural machinery skilled talents. At present, there are more than 500 training teachers, more than 300 evaluators and more than 100 quality supervisors in the province

promote the construction of agricultural machinery talent team through competition

skill competition is one of the important carriers of Jiangsu Agricultural Machinery talent team construction. "Through skill competition, we can not only select excellent talents for the agricultural machinery maintenance industry, but also promote the skill improvement of agricultural machinery repairmen through systematic and standardized training in the process of preparing for the competition." Zhang Guokai said

in June this year, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, the Ministry of human resources and social security, and the all China Federation of trade unions officially launched the third national agricultural industry vocational skills competition. Then, the national skill competition for agricultural machinery repairmen was launched in July. In order to actively prepare for the national competition, the Department of agriculture and rural affairs of Jiangsu Province issued the implementation plan for the Jiangsu Provincial trials of agricultural machinery repairmen of the third national agricultural industry vocational skills competition 2020, and launched the Jiangsu Provincial trials. The trial consists of two parts: theoretical knowledge examination and operation skill competition. Among them, the operation skill competition includes 9 items, including tractor electrical inspection and repair, tractor diesel engine electronic control system inspection and repair, and tractor hydraulic system inspection and adjustment

"each project has set up the same faults that do not avoid the fluctuations in production capacity, quality and price caused by purchasing aluminum plates outside, which are relatively easy to occur in the actual use scenario of agricultural machines and tools." Zhong Xing, the on-site technical service personnel, told that although the competition time of each project is 15 minutes, a little fault setting will be added when the actual "problem setting" occurs, which requires the contestants to master the corresponding skills and operation specifications very skillfully

in addition to actively participating in national competitions, Jiangsu has also promoted a number of highly skilled agricultural machinery talents to come to the fore by holding provincial agricultural machinery vocational skills competitions. Since 2006, Jiangsu Province has held six agricultural machinery vocational skills competitions, and has been included in the Jiangsu skills champion competition. So far, more than 100 people have won the honorary titles of "national technical expert", "Jiangsu technical expert", "Jiangsu craftsman", "Jiangsu skill champion", "Jiangsu May 1st Labor Medal", "middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions in Jiangsu Province", which has reserved talents for the high-quality development of Jiangsu agriculture. It is understood that the Seventh Provincial skill competition will be held in November this year

keeping pace with the times, machine maintenance personnel should be high-quality

in recent years, although Jiangsu agricultural machinery maintenance capacity construction has achieved some positive results, there are still some practical problems that need to be solved

"Jiangsu has taken the lead in the cultivation of agricultural machinery maintenance talents, but the cultivation of high-quality talents is not enough." Zhang Guokai, who has been a referee since the first agricultural machinery vocational skills competition was held in Jiangsu, has witnessed the development of Agricultural Mechanization in Jiangsu in more than a decade, and has also deeply experienced the development and changes of agricultural machinery repairmen. "Over the years, the contestants have become younger and younger. For example, this year's contestants are all under the age of 50, and the requirements for their quality are becoming higher and higher." He said that the agricultural machinery maintenance business is highly professional, involving a wide range of knowledge and high technical content. Especially with the wide use of high-performance and new agricultural machinery, the requirements for agricultural machinery maintenance technology are higher and higher, and the professional knowledge level of agricultural machinery repairmen is also higher. Especially in modern technologies such as electronic technology, hydraulic technology and control technology, it requires agricultural machinery repairmen to have a high level of cultural quality and analysis and judgment ability, otherwise they may not even know what "diode" and "sensor" are

Zhang Guokai believes that the cultivation of high-quality talents is a systematic project, and only good teachers can bring out excellent students. Therefore, we should also strengthen the construction of teachers in Colleges and universities

in addition, we should also expand the training channels of agricultural machinery maintenance skills and continue to do a good job in the construction of agricultural machinery maintenance talent pool. It is learned that in 2018, among the agricultural machinery maintenance skilled talents in Jiangsu Province, 138 maintenance backbones were selected at various levels, the provincial agricultural machinery maintenance talent pool was established, and the "100 capable people paired up with 100 clubs" activity was carried out, which built a platform for the maintenance capable people to serve the Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, achieved a stage for grass-roots talents to display their maintenance skills, and promoted the maintenance work of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives. "We should continue to increase the number of capable people and give full play to their exemplary role in information consultation, maintenance guidance, demonstration of new technologies and new machines and tools." Zhang Guokai said

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