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Jiang Zhongwei: there is no shortage of manufacturing capacity and brands in the domestic photovoltaic market.

the Fifth China Wuxi International New Energy Conference and exhibition will be held in Taihu International Expo Center, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province from October 24 to 26. With the theme of "new energy: exchange consensus action", this conference will explore the development of the global new energy industry and find a way out for China's new energy industry. The following is the live broadcast of the special forum "2013 international new energy industry technology development forum"

Mr. jiangzhongwei, chairman of Wuxi Huante Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd., said that the development of China's photovoltaic industry does not lack manufacturing capacity, mainly lack of market brands, and hoped that relevant enterprises would carry out effective resource integration

the following is Mr. Jiang Zhongwei's speech:

today, I will simply report the situation to you. I hope I can share it with you. We specialize in the development and application of energy conservation, environmental protection and green energy. Huante enterprises include Huante solar energy, Huante electronics, Huante led, etc. At present, we export to 62 countries and regions and have our own global offices in 25 countries. Huante's positioning is to do market and brand, so these brands we export are independent brands all over the world, and we never make wedding clothes for others

our idea is one earth, one home; Our core value is to build a harmonious home; Our mission is to join hands with sunshine to embrace green life and promote the integration of solar buildings; Our vision is energy-saving buildings and green life

the DNA of Huante enterprise is three inequalities, and the new management mode of the three inequalities is 1+1=11; 100+1=200;= 0 We say that the details determine the cost, and a platform is needed for a person to play his talents. Today, with the help of the meeting jointly held by the Wuxi Council for the promotion of international trade and the national energy administration, we can get together and share together. What is more important here is to thank the Council for the promotion of international trade and the National Energy Administration for giving such a good opportunity. Now our society must be a society that needs to know how to cooperate with people. The excellence of a person is never worth the excellence of a team, and the excellence of an enterprise is never worth the excellence of an industry. I said before that the sparrow standing on the back of the cow is higher than the cow. I hope we can integrate industry resources and global resources together. I just want to send a message to tell you that this society must be a cooperative society now. 1+1 is the king, that is, cooperation is the king. Now is a social society, we need to work together. There is no need for a person to do all a to Z, and the future of society must be more and more segmented

two years ago, we jointly developed a park with the Texas government of the United States to integrate Chinese enterprises and Chinese industries. We all know the double reverse of solar energy, so we make the accessories in China and then assemble them in the United States, so as to avoid non-tariff and trade barriers

we call it the "1+1" mode. In the past, there were no more than three modes for Chinese enterprises to go global: overseas brand mergers and acquisitions, overseas factory construction, and overseas office establishment. These are all large operating enterprises. More than 70% of China are these small and medium-sized private enterprises. These enterprises have their own core technology, but they lack teams, funds and anti risk ability. What should these enterprises do? Huante has created the industrial chain integration, refined division of labor, teamwork and win-win development, that is, the McDonald's model. As we all know, McDonald's doesn't raise chickens, but it sells chickens. McDonald's doesn't raise cattle, but it sells beef. So we integrate the solar energy industry chain. We call it the joint fleet model

I am honored to accompany President Xi to attend the BRICs meeting in South Africa in March 2013. At the same time, I also made a brief speech on behalf of the only new energy enterprise. When I went out to South Africa to attend the BRICs meeting with President Xi this time, because I have a meeting in Africa, we will share with you the operating procedures and protection precautions of the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine. A "light Africa" plan, because there is no electricity in many parts of Africa, we developed a product, which is to sun outside during the day and take it home to use electricity for small families at night. It is no problem to use it for six to seven hours a night. So in terms of products, we work with 17 African Union countries to develop this market for this product. Huante still focuses on brand marketing in the global market. As I just said, China does not lack factories, but markets and brands

I just want to tell you that today's society must be a cooperative society. We should understand fatigue life - cooperate with people before fracture, that's all. Thank you. Zhonghua glass () Department

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