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Jia Qinglin inspected Xuji group: I am full of confidence in your development

xuchangda in April is expected to maintain rapid growth in the second half of the year, with beautiful spring, thousands of trees competing for glory, and full of vitality everywhere

on April 20, Jia Qinglin, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, made a special trip to XJ Group Company, accompanied by Xu Guangchun, Secretary of the provincial Party committee and director of the standing Committee of the provincial people's Congress, Cao Weixin, member of the Standing Committee and Secretary General of the provincial Party committee, and Mao Wanchun, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, to have an in-depth understanding of the enterprise's independent innovation and production and operation

Jia Qinglin, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, visited XJ Group. The leaders accompanying him were: Qian Yunlu, vice chairman and Secretary General of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference; Chen Fujin, member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and director of the culture, history and Learning Committee; Liu Jiang, member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and deputy director of the Economic Committee of the National People's Political Consultative Conference; ou Xinqian, deputy director of Qin Zhigang, deputy director of the Commission of education, science, culture, health and sports

at 14:55 p.m., Jia Qinglin and his party arrived at XJ high tech Power Electronics Information Industrial Park

"Chairman, hard work! Welcome to XJ for inspection and guidance." Wang Jinian, chairman of the group company, who had been waiting in front of the electronic building, stepped forward quickly and warmly greeted Chairman Jia

Maowanchun, Secretary of Xuchang municipal Party committee, said, "this is Comrade Wang Jinian, chairman of Xuji group. He is also a national model worker and a deputy to the National People's Congress. He has been the number one of Xuji for more than 20 years."

"I heard that your enterprise is developing very well! You have worked hard! Chairman Jia shook hands with President Wang cordially and said warmly.

" with the leadership and strong support of the state, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, Xu Jicai is developing well! " President Wang replied

you are "big money"

accompanied by the company leaders, Jia Qinglin and his party entered the high-tech products exhibition hall. President Wang reported to Chairman Jia the "yesterday", "today" and "tomorrow" of XJ development

"this place is an old factory, isn't it? You can see it from the oil spill and other outlets," Chairman Jia asked

"yes, we used to be an old enterprise of the former machinery department." President Wang said, "Xuji's predecessor was the arsenal that produced military walkie talkies in the" four fields "in 1946. It was one of the 156 key projects built by the Soviet Union during the" first five year plan ". It was moved from Acheng, Heilongjiang Province to Xuchang, Henan Province in 1970, and has a development history of 63 years."

bathed in the spring breeze of reform and opening up, XJ started from the mid-1980s, and gradually developed from a small enterprise that only produces protective relays to a large backbone and leading enterprise in China's power equipment industry. Its products cover power generation, transmission, distribution and other links, and span the primary and secondary power equipment, AC and DC equipment fields. It is the strongest comprehensive supporting capacity in China The most competitive power equipment manufacturer and system integrator

in the process of development, XJ has developed China's first generation protection relay by itself, and has carried out in-depth technical cooperation with foreign well-known enterprises, successively cooperating with Microsoft in software and Toshiba, Siemens, abb and other enterprises in hardware development

hearing this, Chairman Jia said humorously, hehe, you are "big money"

president Wang said proudly and emotionally that they are "big money", but now they are "big money" because our market situation is getting better and better. Now we have carried out in-depth cooperation with State Grid Corporation of China, Southern Power Company and major power generation groups, which is the real "big money"

hearing this, Chairman Jia praised, "well, you did a good job!"

under the guidance of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, XJ Group carefully planned XJ's "tomorrow". By 2020, the sales revenue will reach 100billion yuan and the profit will reach 10billion yuan. At the beginning of reform and opening up, XJ's sales revenue was 19.2 million yuan, compared with 8billion yuan last year

In the past 39 years, XJ has taken root, blossomed and thrived in the Central Plains. "If there was no extensive and profound Central Plains culture, there would be no sustainable development today!" President Wang said with infinite emotion

dare to fight with the world's strong players, which shows that your products are excellent.

Xuji developed a series of world-leading relay protection and automation systems and high-voltage switches in the exhibition hall. Xu Dianli, executive vice president and senior engineer of China Refractory Industry Association, said that dry-type transformers and other primary equipment have deeply attracted the attention of President Jia Qinglin. He listened and watched with great interest. Wherever he went, President Wang introduced the performance, use, market share and technical level of the product to the head in detail

in front of the power generation protection automation system booth, President Wang said, "11 years ago, when bidding for 10 sets of large-scale generator unit protection equipment on the left bank of the Three Gorges, they were all foreign; three years ago, another 12 sets of large-scale generator unit protection on the right bank of the Three Gorges were open to the world for bidding, and Xuji won all the bids."

hearing this, Chairman Jia asked in surprise, "the protection of 12 units on the right bank of the Three Gorges is Xuji?"

"yes, this is completely the result of fair competition." President Wang replied

"dare to fight with the world's strong players, which shows that your products are excellent." President Jia praised

president Wang said, "without the progress of national equipment manufacturing industry, there would be no today and tomorrow of our national industry. Now the price of foreign products must be 5 to 8 times that of our products. If there is something wrong with the products, let them provide services, and the cost is very high. Our users now provide" zero fee "services, and many of our products are maintenance free

when I came to the exhibition area of electric protection automation system, President Wang said, "Digital and intelligent power represents the future development direction of power system. We have complete independent intellectual property rights for the basic data platform, communication network and various control modules of the digital substation automation system independently developed by XJ. The system adopts IEC communication regulations, which greatly improves the reliability of power communication and dispatching control system. With these advantages, XJ power protection products have quickly occupied the domestic market, And began to move abroad. "

Chairman Jia is very happy to hear this

in the field of UHV transmission, XJ actively carried out scientific research and climbed the world power technology peak. Through independent innovation and integrated innovation, the situation that foreign electrical giants have monopolized the high-end power market for a long time has been broken. The transmission control and protection equipment developed by the company has won the bid for the 1000 kV high-voltage AC demonstration project in Southeast Shanxi Nanyang Jingmen, the Yunnan Guangdong ± 800 kV high-voltage DC transmission project, and the Sichuan Shanghai ± 800 kV high-voltage DC transmission project

"how is the equipment running now?" Chairman Jia asked with concern

"now the reactor protection equipment we developed has been applied in the UHV AC demonstration project, and the State Grid Corporation of China has also spoken highly of it. The Yunguang DC control protection and converter valve equipment developed by XJ has passed the factory acceptance, is now being debugged on site, and will be put into formal operation at the end of this year." President Wang replied

nowadays, the grade of power transformation in the city is getting higher and higher. Three years ago, the distribution automation products developed by XJ successfully won the bid for the Olympic project and the Beijing urban power transformation project after fair competition, defeating many foreign competitors, ensuring the normal power supply of the capital. Taking the Beijing market as a breakthrough, XJ's distribution automation products and technologies have been widely used in many large and medium-sized cities across the country

president Wang said, "These used to be imported, but now they are all a: please check whether the power plug of this system is inserted into the socket accurately and replaced by our equipment.

hearing these, Chairman Jia nodded and praised repeatedly and said well.

our products are not only equipped with China, but also with the world

the primary power equipment exhibition area displays a series of high, medium and low voltage switches, dry-type transformers, industrial intelligent distribution systems Industrial and civil electricity meters and integrated meter reading systems

seeing the new energy-saving Epoxy Resin Dry-Type Transformer produced by XJ, Chairman Jia asked with great interest, "where is this produced?"

"it was produced in Xuchang." President Wang replied, "its technical indicators and performance fully comply with international standards. It is also a famous brand product in China. It is widely used in urban power transformation, and has basically replaced the original oil immersed transformer."

After listening to the introduction, Chairman Jia was very happy. He said with emotion: "you see, the progress of power technology is really fast. From 1996 to now, only a few years ago, our enterprise has independently developed a series of high-voltage switches, intelligent and digital power equipment, which is smaller."

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