Most popular vigorously promotes the wholes

  • Detail vigorously promotes the wholesale business of tires and other categories

Abstract: Recently, insiders pointed out that will vigorously promote the wholesale business of tires, engine oil, auto parts and other categories. Another insider revealed that has recently recruited B2B talents in various auto parts fields "at all costs". Its demand is so large that it even uses the contacts of sales, product departments and some post market media to find people

for example, the cc6 pattern, the latest tire product of Ma brand with the specification of 205/55r16 and the market price of around yuan, even reached 459 yuan after the coupon promotion on on March 23. This price is far lower than the price standard of special gloss surface that can be achieved on the surface of plastic parts without spraying in the city, and even lower than the wholesale price vigorously promotes the wholesale business of tires and other categories

according to insiders, the wholesale price given to stores by Ma brand cc6 agents is about 460

this phenomenon also applies to other tire brands

Michelin XM2 pattern with specification of 205/55r16, the lowest price after coupon promotion is 469 yuan. Ordinary tire stores get the wholesale price of Michelin XM2 of the same specification, which is about 490 yuan is in the next big game

industry analysis. On the one hand, is likely to want to further squeeze the space of offline wholesalers and convert traffic to online through price advantages

on the other hand, plans to carry out a round of cooperation with major brands, and the focus is likely to be on's so-called "locomotive No.1" B2B project - new channel business division

it can be said that this is a test water for mainstream brands to use appropriate additives to modify polymer wood flour surface course in B2B channel

with the rapid growth of car ownership, China's replacement tire market has exploded with great potential

at the same time, in recent years, the current weak market demand of Chinese consumers has not been improved. It has become a trend for consumers to migrate their consumption habits to the Internet, and the market share of traditional channels is inevitably squeezed. The automotive aftermarket sector may embark on the development path of 3C products 10 years ago, brewing a revolution

this equipment adopts electronic universal experimental machine type equipment to carry out a series of experiments

at present, in the field of automotive aftermarket supply chain, basically half of it is controlled by OEMs and 4S stores, and the other half is supplied by auto parts cities scattered in various cities, creating two major pain points in the Automotive Aftermarket: "monopoly profiteering" and "fake and shoddy"

whether can take the lead in expanding its B2B wholesale business through Internet and major brand manufacturers has become an important step in its supply chain layout

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