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Jiang Dingzhi led a team to Changlin to inspect and investigate work safety

JIANG Dingzhi led a team to Changlin to inspect and investigate work safety. The speed of opening the oil return valve must be slow.

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on April 22, a team of more than 10 people led by Jiang Dingzhi, Secretary of the Party group and executive deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress, accompanied by Changzhou leaders, On site inspection was conducted on the implementation of the new production safety law and the regulations of Jiangsu Province. State machinery heavy makes the system produce vibration and noise. The working group should clean the party secretary, vice chairman and Changlin amorphous plastic of the group company. It is best to use it in occasions that require transparency, beautiful appearance, high gloss, high dimensional accuracy and stability. Wang Weiyan, general manager, and some leaders of Changlin stock accompany the inspection throughout the process

after inspecting the scene, the inspection team held a "Symposium on the inspection of the law enforcement of work safety laws and regulations of Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress" in Changlin Co., Ltd., and general manager Wang Weiyan made a work report entitled "conscientiously implementing the new" work safety law "and implementing the main body of enterprise work safety" on behalf of Changlin Co., Ltd, He reported to the inspection team a series of work safety activities and other work safety carried out by Changlin Co., Ltd. in implementing the new work safety law. The leaders of the inspection team fully affirmed the safety production work of Changlin Co., Ltd. At the symposium, the inspection team also listened to the safety work reports and exchanges between Changzhou Xinbei district government and five Changzhou enterprises

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