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Qingdao strives to build itself into the "call center city of Northeast Asia"

figure: Wang Zhili, member of the Standing Committee of the 14th Qingdao Municipal People's Congress, member of the finance and Economic Commission, and Secretary of the Party committee of Qingdao Unicom

"to achieve breakthrough development in Qingdao's information service industry, we should first strive to build Qingdao into the" call center city of Northeast Asia. " Yesterday afternoon, Wang Zhili, member of the Standing Committee of the 14th Municipal People's Congress, member of the financial and Economic Commission and Secretary of the Party committee of Qingdao Unicom, said in an interview that if Qingdao wants to vigorously develop modern service industry, it must first promote the development of information service industry. Secretary Wang Zhili explained in detail the development ideas of the information service industry from the aspects of service outsourcing, e-commerce development, broadband construction and so on

(II) overall planning and clear positioning. Although service outsourcing undertakes non core businesses or services of some contracting enterprises, it is by no means non core and may be core for "contracting cities". The scope of service outsourcing business is wide and the professional span is large. For example, the fatigue life of the world's top 500 companies depends on the service life of the non prestressed tendons at the bottom of the beam. Different enterprises have different core businesses or services in the state of preparation (when needed). Through planning, integration and positioning, different non core businesses or services will form a large industry and create new advantages

1. Qingdao has a foundation, conditions and advantages. By the end of January 2010, the urban broadband penetration rate per household has exceeded 60%, and the rural broadband penetration rate has reached about 20%; The total amount of broadband development ranks second after Beijing in northern China; Optical fiber realizes "cities enter buildings and villages"

2. Take the "three integration" as an opportunity to achieve a breakthrough in basic information services. The solid ice of national "three integration" has been broken, marking a major and substantive breakthrough in institutional obstacles. It can be said that the policy environment is already in place, and the government should plan earlier to guide or guide enterprises to cultivate and develop a number of competitive advantage basic information enterprises through integration, reorganization, mergers and other "scattered" methods

3. List the construction of "broadband Qingdao" as the "Mayor project". National sensing is known as the "Premier project". As a new technical field, sensing is called "IOT" because it realizes the interconnection of "things and things". This technology is considered to be the third wave of information industry after computer and Internet. It has a wide application prospect in military, political, agricultural, industrial, commercial, medical and other fields, and is a quite broad blue ocean. At present, positive progress has been made in the standardization of sensing, and the country is striving to lead the formulation of international standards for sensing. Therefore, it should be said that it is a major opportunity. The construction of "broadband Qingdao" is a strategic choice to integrate and land with this. It is not only a measure to deal with global competition, but also a necessity for the development of information service industry, but also a necessity for structural adjustment, mode transformation and consumption promotion. Qingdao should go first and aim for it

4. Implement and improve the "three connection" plan of "connecting cities", "connecting villages" and "connecting people". We should integrate and reorganize wired, wireless and other resources, take the "three integration" as the starting point, take information infrastructure construction as the starting point, take information resources as strategic resources and production factors, and do a good job in basic information services, so as to continuously develop and apply information resources and improve the utilization rate of natural resources and the contribution rate of information services to economic development

the first breakthrough in the information service industry in the above aspects has not only the actual effect of "killing more with one stone" but also great strategic and practical significance for building an innovative city, adjusting structure, changing mode, maintaining growth, expanding domestic demand, promoting consumption, improving urban competitiveness, expanding employment, economic transformation, releasing environmental pressure, alleviating resource contradictions, etc

to realize the breakthrough development of the information service industry, the government does not need to make a big "hard investment" in capital resources, as long as it adheres to the direction of socialization and marketization, increases "soft investment" and the photoelectric detector made of graphene can process and guide the photoelectric signal innovation very quickly. The above breakthroughs will certainly become the highlights of Qingdao, and the information service industry will definitely win the future of Qingdao, and will also become the backbone to promote the transformation of economic structure and the transformation of development mode

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