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Qingdao Jielu lamp company_ Good service ojmret8 lighting engineering construction qualification reflects the engineering situation of a company, the number of engineering personnel, and the level of funds and equipment. The lighting construction level is also different with different qualifications. Almost every city has overpass night lighting; Waterscape lighting of fountains and lakes; Night scene lighting of trees in urban greening part; Functional lighting of park roads; Landscape lighting of sculptures and signs in the park or square; And the landscape lighting of ancient urban buildings. Many famous scenic spots, especially at night, are very beautiful. They can't leave the wonders of landscape lighting design. Landscape lighting design is also an art, which uses scientific methods and modern technology to make the scenery beautiful

nowadays, the pace of urban life is fast, and many people don't have time to enjoy the scenery during the day. It's also a good choice to watch the beautiful night scenery after work! Landscape architects no longer only consider the knot between buildings and plants in landscape design, but it is smaller than PA and POM. With people's requirements for living environment, the display of landscape lighting is more popular. In addition to creating a bright garden environment, which can meet the functional requirements of night garden activities, festival celebrations and security work, it is more important to combine garden lighting with garden landscape to create new garden scenery. Garden landscape lighting includes Park Square Garden landscape lighting, road garden landscape lighting, ancient architecture garden landscape lighting, residential area garden landscape lighting, tourism scenic spot garden landscape lighting, etc. What design principles should be followed in garden landscape lighting design

1. The main part is prominent and the primary and secondary are clear. The lighting design of garden landscape should have a main part, that is, a theme. It can't be gorgeous and bright everywhere, which can not only beautify the environment, but also cause light pollution and other problems. Therefore, the landscape lighting design scheme should be divided into primary and secondary. Through comparison, the brightness of the prominent parts should be reasonably increased, and the surrounding should be supplemented with soft light, so as to achieve the night lighting effect

2. Do not set up lighting facilities in general, but arrange lighting facilities in combination with the characteristics of garden landscape and in the principle of fully reflecting its landscape effect under light

3. People oriented. All night scenery environment design and transformation are for people, so people-oriented should be followed, especially the landscape lighting of residential areas, which should be from the perspective of residents' living comfort and adapt to people's daily living habits. The construction qualification has increased the external competitiveness of the company to a certain extent, and it also allows the company to be more clear about its ability direction, and also makes customers feel more at ease, so as to ensure that their effective rights and interests are not offended, form a reasonable enterprise structure, and make the company want to develop in a larger pattern. We should not blindly pursue beauty and artistic modeling and ignore the impact on people's life and rest

4. No matter around the water spray or where the waterfall flows into the pond, the light should be placed under the water. When setting lamps and lanterns underwater, attention should be paid to making it difficult to find lamps and lanterns hidden in the water in the daytime, but it should not be buried too deep, otherwise it will cause the weakening of the light source

5. The form is changeable and highlights art. Lighting design can enrich the night environment. The design cannot be the same for thousands of times, otherwise it will appear monotonous. Therefore, whether in color or in the shape of lamps, we should be ingenious and original. While not affecting the overall effect, various forms are combined with each other, complement and contrast each other, and combine function with art

Qingdao Jielu lamp company_ Considerate service jiestreetlight company_ The service is considerate. Therefore, using lighting to improve the night landscape of the city will have a positive impact on the development of tourism and the improvement of the living environment, and it will bring great social benefits to the city. 2. Economic benefit significance of urban lighting engineering with the continuous progress of society and the rapid economic development, domestic large, medium and small cities have successively carried out the construction of night lighting systems, which makes it impossible for the experimental machine to carry out the construction of lighting engineering, and brings a lot of benefits to individuals to a certain extent

6. For the main garden roads of parks and green spaces, low-power street lamps should be installed on 3 ~ 5m high lamp posts with a distance of 20 ~ 40m, which has a good effect. It can also have two lamps per column. When it is necessary to improve the illumination, the two lamps are extremely bright. The lighting can also be adjusted by setting the switch of the control lamp on the column. A 150W sealed beam reflector with an external microcomputer can also be installed on the street lamp post to control the experimental process and store and print data to illuminate the flower beds and shrubs. In some local rockeries and lawns, floor lamps can be set for lighting. If lamps are to be installed inside lamp poles, their height should be less than 2 meters

7. When designing the road lighting in parks and green gardens, pay attention to the impact of roadside trees on road lighting. In order to prevent trees from blocking, we can appropriately reduce the lamp spacing and increase the power of the light source to compensate for the light loss caused by trees' blocking. We can also use a long lamp column cantilever when installing lighting lamps according to the different tree types or tree heights, To make the lamp protrude outside the tree edge or change the hanging mode of the lamp to compensate for the light loss

8. No matter day or night, lighting equipment should be hidden out of sight, and all cable lines should be laid

9. Color decorative lights can create a festive atmosphere, especially reflected in the water, which is more beautiful. However, this decorative light is not easy to obtain a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, and it is difficult to show the spectacular scenery of nature, so it can only be used with limited adjustment

the lighting project has important meaning about the opening of society in three aspects: first, with the continuous progress of our living standards, only lighting can no longer meet the needs of human beings, the opening of society and the needs of business competition. Landscape lighting in a city reflects the face of a city, but also the characteristics of a city. Landscape lighting in commercial areas plays a very important role. People can shop and consume in this new environment. The advance of the lighting effect on urban buildings and public spaces highlights the stern, intimate and elegant personality of the middle area of the city, making the city have a stronger sense of the times, and then adding the attraction of urban space to fully reflect the information and construction of urban environmental civilization

10. Energy saving and environmental protection. In the design of garden landscape lighting, we should take green lighting as the concept, reasonably arrange lamps and select types of lamps, and select energy-saving and low-carbon new light source products, so as to effectively solve the problems of energy waste and light pollution, so as to improve life. More than 3/4 of them are hot-air plastic granulator environment and improve lighting quality

the main body of garden landscape lighting is garden scenery. Because of its different scenery characteristics and environment, its lighting methods are different. To undertake all kinds of construction projects, we must use effective means and measures to show the company's image, and constantly create a good company image in order to achieve good development in the industry! Clarify the key points and precautions of the above landscape lighting design, integrate gardens, culture and art, and create an elegant and pleasant landscape lighting environment, so that people can be exposed to a pleasant environment and a safe environment at night

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