Qingdao accelerates the construction of northern d

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Qingdao accelerates the construction of "northern data center"

check the road conditions before going out, and take a detour when you see the red road section, which has become a habit of many car owners like Mr. Han. Since Qingdao intelligent transportation system was put into operation for more than a year, 1248 information collection points distributed in the urban area have collected 5million traffic flow data and 18million vehicle passing data every day, thus extending many functions such as traffic guidance, law enforcement and supervision, illegal inquiry and so on

Liu Xin, deputy chief engineer of the system developer, said: Generally speaking, when the scale of improving the dimensional accuracy of products is 100 million, the traditional data processing has been very slow. (we) Hisense has a big data retrieval platform, which can reach 3 seconds when searching information on a scale of 10 billion

big data will help promote the upgrading of Qingdao's manufacturing industry. The industrial 4.0 smart factory and modern production lines of Qingdao (I) tire company are all based on big data. There are almost no operators on site, only industrial robots that are accurately controlled

liubingbao, deputy general manager of the company: we have interconnected people, machines, materials, processes, quality and energy through informatization, and the product qualification rate can reach 99.8%, saving more than 500 people

the development of big data industry in Qingdao has effectively promoted the application of big data in planning, urban construction, public security, emergency, urban management, transportation, environmental protection and other fields, and significantly improved the degree of urban intelligence. An app called data Qingdao of Qingdao (I) science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. has just been put into use. Liu weipeng, general manager of the company, said that government data used to be found in multiple departments, but now it is easy to see at a glance

liuweipeng: in the past, when government decision-makers needed a data, they used to find various departments by typing, and then asked for such data. The efficiency was very low, and the accuracy was very poor. With this set of flat, but only after coming to the stands in the fourth quarter, in fact, through this information-based means of plastic deformation, he can accurately obtain his data on his own computer or computer, so as to promote the scientific decision-making of the government

at present, Qingdao is accelerating the construction of Tsinghua big data engineering research center, a leading project, and simultaneously promoting the development of information infrastructure, carriers, public R & D platforms, talent training, and the transformation and implementation of scientific research achievements, so as to build a northern data center

the deputy director of Qingdao Municipal Commission of economy and information technology has seen Wang Jingyuan for a long time: actively promote the establishment of data centers of the three major operators and HP data centers in Qingdao. Like the data research institute established with Tsinghua University, big data talents are still being cultivated

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