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On March 10, Qingdao heavy industry commended "trade union activists", "workers' technological innovation achievements" and "technological innovation experts" at the fifth session of the 15th and 17th workers' Congress "Excellent proposal", "excellent rationalization proposal" and 2016 "Family Service pacesetter" to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees for technological innovation and promote the new development of Qingdao heavy industry

the picture shows the commended advanced people who came to the rostrum to receive the award

in order to deepen the 2017 "implementation year of innovation and upgrading measures", the Qingdao heavy industry trade union, in order to strengthen the effectiveness of various work departments, strengthen the role of typical demonstration and guidance, further promote the in-depth development of workers' technological innovation, better give play to the positive role of trade union organizations in reform, innovation and upgrading, and seriously and actively 1 The host of this kind of equipment adopts the floor type frame structure to carry out the selection activities. The decision on Commending "trade union activists", "employees' technological innovation achievements", "technological innovation experts" and "excellent proposals", the decision on Commending excellent rationalization suggestions and the decision on Commending 2016 "Family Service pacesetters" were issued. After the review of relevant departments and personnel organized by the trade union committee of the company, Liu Fang and other 10 comrades were awarded "trade union activists"; Awarded 11 projects including "multi-stage cylinder outer sleeve assembly tooling" and "employee technological innovation achievements"; Awarded Ye Changzhu and other 7 "technical innovation experts"; Six proposals including "proposal on the good thermal insulation performance of continuously electrified expanded benzene board (polystyrene) in the transformer in the workshop" were awarded as "outstanding employee representative proposal". 31 people were also selected to win the first, second and third prizes of excellent rationalization suggestions. At the same time, in order to strengthen the construction of the service system, further enhance the hearts of service personnel, better stimulate the enthusiasm of service personnel, constantly improve the level of after-sales service, and effectively ensure the full completion of the objectives and tasks of the "year of implementation of innovation and upgrading measures", Qingdao heavy industry union also commended the honorary title of "service model for relatives" in 2016, and seven comrades won the honorary title of "service model for relatives" in 2016

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