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Qingdao has established a trademark management system for grassroots industrial and commercial offices in order to fully implement the functions of trademark supervision and management, the Qingdao Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce has formulated and implemented a trademark management system for grassroots industrial and commercial offices based on the actual situation of trademark management and extensive research, which has made a solid step forward in realizing the routine, standardization and institutionalization of trademark supervision

there are six specific contents of this system:

the first is the daily supervision and management system. The system lists the key contents of supervision and inspection and specific trademark infringement violations. Require all industrial and commercial offices to establish detailed management accounts such as the register of the use of registered trademarks of enterprises, the register of commodity trademarks of commodity trading markets, and the register of trademark printing; Master the basic situation of the trademark management objects, and carry out daily market inspection and special inspection on the trademark management objects. Generally, carry out market inspection and special inspection on the excellent medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel fields at least three times a week, and organize special inspection at least once a quarter

the second is the case clue screening system. On the basis of strengthening daily supervision and inspection, all industrial and commercial offices are required to actively collect case clues, establish a trademark case clue registration post, and register each case clue in detail. The clues of the case that have been implemented should be handled according to the actual situation; The general trademark violations of the operators in the jurisdiction and the domestic trademark infringement violations that do not exceed the jurisdiction can be directly investigated and dealt with; For trademark infringement cases outside the jurisdiction and foreign-related trademark infringement cases within the jurisdiction, it is necessary to report to the Branch Bureau within 3 days after obtaining clues. The SAIC shall regularly summarize and classify the case clues in its jurisdiction, summarize and analyze them in time, and submit the dynamic analysis report of case clues in its jurisdiction in this quarter to the Branch Bureau at the end of each quarter

the third is the case handing over and supervision system. The Municipal Bureau and sub bureau may refer the trademark case to the industrial and commercial office for handling, supervise its progress, fill in the notice of trademark case handling uniformly, explain the source of the case, and clarify the requirements; The industrial and commercial office shall investigate and deal with the trademark case within 3 days after receiving the notice of handing over the trademark case, and submit the case punishment decision to the branch or Municipal Bureau within 3 days after handling the case. If it comes to the conclusion within the specified time limit, it shall explain the reasons in time

fourth, the statistical reporting system. It is stipulated that the industrial and commercial office shall assign a special person to be responsible for the statistics and summary of the trademark management and the investigation and handling of trademark violations in its jurisdiction; Submit the statistical report on the basic situation of trademark management, statistical table of trademark administrative punishment cases, dynamic analysis of trademark violations and decision on administrative punishment to the Branch Bureau every quarter; Report to the branch from the 25th of the last month of each quarter to the end of each month

fifth, the business learning system shows the serious pollution problems caused by China's plastic recycling industry. Each industrial and commercial office sets up a trademark business study group headed by a commercial administrator; Ensure to devote one day of every month to the study of trademark business

sixth, law enforcement and case handling system. The trademark administrator of each industrial and commercial office is responsible for the preliminary trial of the trademark case of this office. If the punished object refuses to accept the punishment decision and files a reconsideration or lawsuit to the Branch Bureau or the court, the specific case handlers of the industrial and commercial office and the trademark administrator should carefully prepare the reply and defense reasons, and timely report the specific investigation and handling of the case to the Branch Bureau. For units with wrong cases, but from another point of view, in addition to the specific case handling personnel to carefully check and correct, the evaluation qualification of advanced units in handling trademark cases this year will be cancelled

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