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In early March, although a cold wave suddenly hit Yangcheng, it did not stop people from going to Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

on March 7, 2007, the 11th China (Guangzhou) international industrial control automation and Instrumentation Exhibition was held as scheduled, and Bonner Engineering International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Bonner) also appeared in the Guangzhou International Convention and exhibition hall with a new image. Throughout the exhibition, the magnificent booth, advanced product demonstration system and professional commentators of Bonner company of the United States caused many visitors to stop and wait and ask eagerly. After the visit, every visitor was deeply impressed by Bonner

on the occasion of participating in this Guangzhou automation exhibition, Bonner company of the United States timely introduced new and industry-leading products, such as remote wireless sensor dx80, ez-light, etc

dx80 is a remote wireless sensor switch, which does not need wiring, and is suitable for sensor switches in highways, bridges, tunnels and narrow spaces

its key features are as follows:

1 Can receive sensor switching value

2 And analog signal input

3 Used in occasions where wiring is inconvenient

4 Run in a reliable "said Shi Jianxin, chairman of Qingdao huagaomene Technology Co., Ltd., 902~928mhz

SS (frequency hopping spread spectrum technology) platform

6." Rx/tx

7 is used for closing and sensor nodes Communication

n guide rail or mechanical installation

9 Plug and play connection technology

10 The simple and easy-to-use network setting software

dx80 wireless sensor network system uses RS-485 "Modbus RTU" for data transmission (star topology) to truly realize wireless sensing. Carry out information transmission between devices through i/o changes or rotation (within the specified time) to monitor the network

dx has a wide range of applications:

dx80 network topology:

ez-light provides a high brightness, long-life, general-purpose intelligent indicator light for harsh industrial occasions

product features:

1 Compact appearance, four installation methods

2 It can replace the traditional multi-layer warning/indicator light and panel indicator light

3 High brightness LED light

4 The service life can reach 100000 hours, which is 50 times that of the traditional indicator light

select a batch of leading enterprises with strong representativeness, great industry influence, strong production and operation strength and high management level

5 Energy saving, energy consumption is only 1/10 of the traditional indicator light

6 High protection grade IP67, which overcomes the shortcomings of traditional indicator lights that cannot be washed with water

7 Convenient and fast plug-in connection mode


1 In industrial occasions, any place that needs indicator lights: run indication, stop indication, good indication, bad indication

2 It can be used as the status indicator of the sensor

3 It can replace the traditional multi-layer warning/indicator light and panel indicator light

Bonner company of the United States is willing to work with you to create a beautiful future of industrial automation in 2007. Jinan assay CDW-60 low-temperature tank comes

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