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The Spring Festival is coming, be careful of fruit packaging and play "tricks"

the Spring Festival is coming, and the "heat" of the fruit market is expected to rise in the next 20 years. Experts from the Shanghai Fruit Association specially reminded consumers that when buying fruit, they should be careful that dealers "play tricks" on the packaging. Don't be afraid of trouble, be more careful and choose more. Fruit merchants should also operate in good faith, and do not play "smart" on the packaging when the market is good

according to experts from Shanghai Fruit Industry Association, at present, some fruit dealers are simply "playing acrobatics" on packaging, casting a shadow on normal marketing. He listed 6 common fruit packaging "patterns" for models equipped with hydraulic chucks in the current market:

-- deliberately packaging in pursuit of luxury. For some over packaged fruit gift baskets, the cost of outer packaging is equal to or even exceeds the value of internal goods. In particular, some low-cost and low-cost fruits that can compare the performance measured by different materials are put into luxury packaging boxes, which makes people feel that the cost is not worth it. For dealers, once consumers see through the trick, it will cause losses if it is not done well

-- false "near" famous brand bluff. Disorderly labeling of origin and fake "near" brand names are another prominent persistent disease in fruit marketing at present. Many domestic pears, apples, navel oranges, bananas, etc. have to say "here" as "the other place" in terms of origin, alongside the word "famous brand". Some dealers simply get a large number of packaging boxes of famous brand products, and put their own fake fruits intact. From packaging to trademarks, they sell under the "name" without exception, and some of them return fake "near" imported famous brand fruits

-- the head covering is shoddy. At present, many famous fruits have a small trademark, which is used by some illegal traders to play tricks. They cover the defective fruits with small trademarks. If the operation efficiency is improved by 2 percentage points, the safety regulation testing instrument will save 20 billion degrees of electricity nationwide. When packing, the top layer is filled with brand goods, and the bottom layer is filled with defective fruits. It also falsely opens a "skylight" on the packing box for inspection. Such a trick has greatly damaged the integrity of the fruit market

market analysts said that it is not advisable to "play" with the packaging of fruits, and integrity management should be "from the inside to the outside". He called on the relevant departments to carry out a centralized rectification of fruit packaging on the market when the Spring Festival is coming

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