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With the further increase of national subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery, the work of township agricultural mechanization has entered a new period of development, such as the introduction and promotion of new technologies and new machinery, and the use, management and maintenance of agricultural machinery will usher in new development opportunities, but also bring contradictions Pressure and challenges. Facing the new situation and new tasks, how to do a good job of township agricultural mechanization has important practical significance

1 contradictions in the development of agricultural mechanization

in the reform of rural economic system, there are contradictions in the development of agricultural mechanization due to the lack of effective macro guidance

(1) after the growth of tractors and internal combustion engines used in rural areas, insufficient fuel supply will be a long-term problem

(2) the growth of tractors and supporting work tools is not coordinated. In recent years, the matching ratio of large and medium-sized tractors in Datian township has fallen to 1:1.17, and the matching ratio of small tractors has fallen to 1:0.87. Except for trailers, there is less than one matching machine and tool for a tractor on average. This situation shows that although small tractors have developed rapidly, they have not played a decisive role in the mechanization of planting industry

(3) although the ownership of agricultural machinery has increased significantly, the level of farmland mechanization has not increased accordingly. The level of mechanization of field operation decreased. First, after the change of production scale, there is a contradiction between large machinery and small plots; Second, the economic benefit of using agricultural machinery to engage in planting industry is not as good as that of transportation industry. Agricultural machinery operators are scrambling to turn to transportation and processing industry, which is a major problem affecting the normal development of agricultural mechanization. How to solve it needs further exploration

(4) the varieties of agricultural machinery products cannot meet the needs of agricultural development for a long time. The machines that farmers need cannot be bought, and the existing models are aging, high energy consumption and low efficiency, which affect the development of agricultural mechanization

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the state has further increased subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery, which has brought both favorable factors and new challenges to the development of rural agricultural mechanization

first, farmers' enthusiasm for production continues to improve. In recent years, Mr. theo bovens, the governor of Limburg, the Netherlands, Mr. Dimitri de vreeze, a member of DSM's board of directors, Mr. roelof Westerbeek, President of DSM's engineering plastics business department, and Mr. Atzo Nicola, President of DSM's Netherlands region, also attended the ceremony. In recent years, with the continuous introduction of the national policy of supporting agriculture and benefiting agriculture, the national subsidy for agricultural machinery has gradually increased, and the level of agricultural comprehensive production has been greatly improved. According to the data, in 2008, Datian County purchased 2365 sets of agricultural machinery and equipment, with a total value of 86.9 million yuan and a subsidy of 2.7 million yuan; Among them, 139 micro cultivators were purchased; Purchase 29 lawn mowers; Purchase 36 ridging machines; Purchase 59 walking tractors; Purchase 29 soil cultivators; Purchase 7 rice transplanters; The local agricultural mechanization operation covers an area of 190000 mu of rice. The income from socialized service of agricultural machinery has gradually become an important channel for farmers to increase their income. In 2008, the operating income of agricultural machinery in the county was 343million yuan, an increase of kl.9 times over 1998. Agricultural machinery service organizations have gradually changed from state-owned and collective oriented to collective, cooperative, private and individual diversified ways, and have developed and expanded. In 2008, there were 236 agricultural machinery operation, maintenance, oil supply and other service organizations in counties, with 5385 agricultural machinery, including 3101 agricultural machinery work clothes in the past three years, and the number of rural agricultural machinery personnel at the end of the year reached 5960, nearly double that in 1998

second, it is conducive to cultivating agricultural machinery science and technology personnel with comprehensive and multidisciplinary knowledge. With the substantial increase of agricultural machinery and equipment, a large number of agricultural machinery scientific and technological personnel are needed in the operation, use and maintenance of agricultural machinery. At the same time, the new technical equipment puts forward higher requirements for the professional knowledge, business knowledge and practical operation ability of current scientific and technological personnel. In order to use more and newer agricultural machinery, scientific and technological personnel must consult a large number of foreign language materials, and carefully study and be familiar with its structural parts. In this way, it undoubtedly plays a great role in promoting professional and technical personnel to improve their professional level

third, it is conducive to accelerating the promotion of high-tech. With the substantial increase of agricultural machinery and equipment, agricultural machinery production enterprises need to be comprehensively improved in new process research, new machinery manufacturing, new technology promotion, adaptation test and other aspects. Agricultural machinery science and technology personnel will have more frequent exchanges and cooperation in education, scientific research and technology. In this sense, it is of great benefit to the early modernization of township agricultural machinery

fourth, the current agricultural machinery operators are difficult to adapt to new agricultural machinery for a time, and the maintenance is relatively difficult. For new agricultural machinery, the cycle torque indication should be corrected according to the method given by the manufacturer; In terms of the timing technology of the experimental machine, it is generally ahead of one or several grades, some of which adopt computer and hydraulic control and operation, while the educational level of agricultural machinery operators and maintenance workers is relatively low, accounting for 70% of those with the educational level of junior middle school and below; The professional level of agricultural machinery maintenance workers is that primary workers account for 75%, strong, intermediate workers account for 24.5%, and senior workers account for only 0.5%. With this level of education and professional quality, it is difficult to make good use of new agricultural machinery, especially some agricultural machinery maintenance workers, who have never been in contact with computer models, feel difficult to repair, and still need a considerable period of time to adapt

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