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Spring and summer lightweight women's wear fabrics are popular

recently, several customers from Hangzhou have been shuttling through a number of fabric shops in Fumin fabric market in order to select new women's wear fabrics for spring and summer. According to the shopkeepers in the market, with the increase of fabric sales in spring and summer, recently, light spring and summer women's clothing fabrics such as natural memory elastic cloth, light knitted cloth, bright Satin Chiffon, linen and so on have been favored by many customers in Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other places

thin natural memory elastic cloth:

since the beginning of spring, for example, there have been many thin types of fashion. In the first half of 2016, natural memory elastic cloth is mainly used to make women's clothing in spring and summer. It has won the favor of many customers because of its innovative cloth surface, elastic cloth quality and "memory" style. This innovative fabric is suitable for making skirts, shirts, wedding gowns, stage clothes, underwear, pajamas, cheongsam, Tang Dynasty clothes, etc. the texture of the fabric is smooth and bright, full of implant grade peek. In foreign independent testing institutions, it is elastic, soft and breathable in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO10993

light knitted fabric:

with the improvement of people's quality of life and the change of consumption concept, the requirement of light and comfortable is increasing, and the development of wool textile products tends to be light and thin. The fabric made of high count wool by single warp and single weft weaving or high count wool interwoven with other fibers is ultra light and thin, with a plump and comfortable feel. The fabric is suitable for the production of women's fashion, suits, casual wear, trousers and other clothing. The produced ready-made clothes are full of texture, and behind them, showing women's fashion style

glossy Satin Chiffon:

in recent years, chiffon fabrics have occupied the market of summer women's clothing in spring. At present, there are two main situations. This year's chiffon fabrics are still selling well. A kind of summer clothing fabric "glossy Satin Chiffon" with unique charm and vibrant style stands out in the surface material market. In addition to the advantages of soft hand feel, good elegance, transparency and concealment, the products have stronger comfort and better flash. The listed fabrics take a variety of light color tones and light plain colors as the leading products, which have the beauty of light and elegant, with more than 30 kinds of colors. They are suitable for women's tops, skirts, skirts and pants, and are also widely used in curtains, bed curtains, wedding venue layout, etc


flax is the first natural plant fiber used by human beings, with a long history. Flax is a pure natural fiber. Because of its remarkable characteristics of sweat absorption, good air permeability and no harm to human body, it has been paid more and more attention by human beings. Flax fiber is soft, strong, glossy, wear-resistant, small water absorption, fast water dispersion, and the fiber has a large expansion rate after moisture absorption, which can make the textile tissue tight and not easy to be permeable. It is an excellent textile raw material. Linen fabric has strong hygroscopicity, which has been maximized in application and play. Washed, used, tanned, plaid shirts, Jersey sweaters, double breasted trench coats and bohemian style shells

hardware accessories such as fruit buttons are matched with it, and cotton and linen fabrics are intentionally or unintentionally added to it, which is more noble and elegant

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