The hottest spring mode starts, and customers from

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Spring mode starts. Customers from all over the world flock to Valin Xingma

spring mode starts. Customers from all over the world flock to Valin Xingma

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the spring breeze is warm. A number of customers from Shenzhen, Hubei, Shangqiu, Kaifeng and other places have given up famous mountains and rivers and locked the location to Valin Xingma. Valin has adopted the most common heavy truck production line and engine production line, which has become a key sightseeing place for customers, Comparable to popular scenic spots

customers from all over the world flock to Valin Xingma

customers who enter Valin Xingma have one purpose, that is, to see the car and the production line. Under the spring light, each offline car with rich texture releases its unique brilliance and attracts every visiting customer. In order to reassure customers, he Xiaosheng, the deputy general manager of the group company, accompanied the visiting customers to visit the four workshops of Valin heavy truck stamping, welding, coating and general assembly, learned about the trial polyurethane new material pressing die, full-automatic welding production line and coating process of Chongqing Urumqi pedestrian overpass, and watched the fish bellied frame girder of Valin heavy truck closely, which not only improved the understanding of Valin products, Also experienced the fun of heavy truck production. In the engine workshop, he Xiaosheng introduced the Hamma engine to the customers in detail. The Hamma engine integrates in-line 6 cylinders, integral cylinder head, four valves, overhead camshaft and rear gear. The export growth of China's extruder products will show a stable and progressive situation, and other international most advanced design concepts, gradually creating a "partner" new business model, and the production line can realize the intelligent management of engine assembly. In addition, Hamma power has the functions of low speed, high torque and in cylinder braking, which makes the heavy vehicle start smoothly, climb vigorously, have good power and higher safety. After a lap, many customers were full of confidence and said that they would sign contracts and place orders when they went back

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people are diligent. Spring comes early. The plan of the year lies in spring. The majority of Valin Xingma customers and friends should quickly start the spring mode, enter Valin Xingma, choose a TA of yours, and embark on the journey of sowing hope together. (this article is from Valin Xingma)

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