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As the Spring Festival approaches, the District street lamp management office will comprehensively carry out the maintenance of street lamps before the festival.

from January 4, Zhaoyang District street lamp management office will actively organize forces to repair large street lamps in key sections of Zhaoyang urban area from scratch, so as to create a good urban environment and a peaceful festival atmosphere for the general public to celebrate the 2020 Spring Festival

on January 7, I saw in the second ring west road that the staff of the street lamp management office were braved the low temperature and severe cold to replace the damaged street lamp on the aerial vehicle. According to the on-site staff, the road sections of the overhaul are mainly the Second Ring Road West, Guoxue Road, the West extension of Guoxue Road, and Tengfei Road, involving a total of about 600 large street lights. In order to do this work well, the District street lamp office will be staffed by all staff and will work in two shifts from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. every day. All maintenance work is expected to be completed before the Spring Festival

the special plan for scientific and technological innovation in the field of materials during the 13th five year plan was issued.

Yuexu, deputy director of the District street lamp management office, said: "According to our inspection and repair in the past two days, the main problem is that the underground cables are seriously stolen. In addition, due to the weather in Zhaotong, the preview lamp of the top landscape lighting has been blown off by the wind and rusted and corroded greatly by the influence of rain, so it is difficult for us to repair. Our street lamp Institute will give full play to our efforts to create a good and harmonious spring festival atmosphere for the citizens of Zhaoyang, and also take this opportunity to appeal The general public love and protect the lighting facilities of our municipal roads. The prosperity of the paper industry continues to decline. Paper mills only have a card to play if they are short of raw materials. "

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