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For 60 years: standing at the forefront of reform, Foshan Lighting has grown with the times

from the establishment of Foshan Lighting in 1978 to the present, in the 20 years, the innovation gene in the bones of fozhao people is not satisfied with the current situation, and actively explore innovative means of enterprise management

In 1979, in order to further promote the improvement of production efficiency and the advancement of management system, Foshan Lighting began to reform. The employment system is the first step in the reform of Foshan Lighting. Foshan Lighting changed the "iron rice bowl" to the "contract system" to improve the enthusiasm of employees. Subsequently, the reform of the management system followed up, and through the introduction of a competitive mechanism, we can tap outstanding talents that affect the development of enterprises. The follow-up reform of the salary system has pushed the development of the enterprise to a new height. Recording work by piece, more work, more ability

in order to further realize the efficient and rapid operation of the enterprise, Foshan Electric lighting company was established in January, 1985, and implemented the manager system. The new management system further optimized the production, operation, sales, research and development and other links, and moved towards refined management

in August 1992, Foshan Lighting was restructured into an internal joint-stock company, issuing 11.57 million internal staff shares, and actively exploring the way to go public

in addition to the reduction of the reserve requirement by the central bank, in October 1992, Foshan Lighting established a joint stock limited company with mixed shares held by legal persons and natural persons through directional raising, and the enterprise was named Foshan qb/t 3897 ⑴ 999 galvanized welded mesh (5) 5. Solder joint tensile Electrical Lighting Co., Ltd. publicly issued 19.3 million a shares

in 1993, Foshan Lighting A-share was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and in recent years, together with Midea Group, it has become one of the first batch of listed enterprises in Foshan

in 1995, in order to meet the development needs of enterprises, Foshan Lighting issued 50million B shares and raised HK $260million, becoming an enterprise with both a and B shares listed at the same time. At the same time, it began to layout in automotive lighting and special lighting, opening a diversified development path

with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the needs of the times also change, and environmental protection and energy conservation have become the focus of attention. With the characteristics of power saving, long service life, vibration resistance, fast response, cold light source and so on, LED has gradually attracted the attention of the world

The emergence of

LED has enabled Buddha to find opportunities and opened the path of transformation and upgrading. Foshan Lighting set up a LED R & D team to cultivate R & D backbones and lay out LED lighting from scratch

in 2012, Foshan Lighting developed the first LED product, the dazzling series bulb, which further expanded the advantages of LED, and used the independently innovative convection heat dissipation patent to realize the up and down convection of air, and used spun aluminum to design the radiator to further reduce the weight of the lamp body. After the first product came out, T8 led all glass tubes were born, laying the dominant position of Foshan Lighting in the early stage of LED transformation

subsequently, Foshan Lighting set up an intelligent lighting team to speed up the layout of intelligent lighting and health lighting. In order to speed up intelligence, parameters such as strength, yield force, non proportional yield force, average peel force and elastic modulus can be calculated; Using high-precision measuring instruments to measure the pace of lighting development, Foshan Lighting will discuss with Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, and other Internet companies to establish a smart home ecological platform to provide more solutions for smart lighting

Foshan Lighting intelligent products have made great breakthroughs, and intelligent control systems, intelligent panels, and intelligent lamps have begun small-scale trial production; At the same time, Foshan Lighting will intelligently integrate lighting and control. In the future, Foshan Lighting will continue to increase investment in intelligent lighting research and development, and use intelligent lighting to bring more excitement and convenience to life

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