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Discussion on accident prevention technology in construction site -- tower crane safety

1. Tower crane foundation sinking and tilting: ① stop the operation immediately and lock the slewing mechanism to limit its rotation. ② Set ground anchors according to the situation to control the inclination of the tower crane

2. Tower crane balance arm, jib folding arm: ① tower crane cannot do any action. ② According to the rescue plan, the tower crane structure shall be reinforced by welding or connected with other objects by connection method according to the situation, so as to prevent the tower crane from overturning and accidents in the demolition process. ③ Each type is independently developed with 2-3 cranes of appropriate tonnage, one locking boom and one locking balance boom. One of them acts as a balancing moment when removing the arm to prevent overturning due to sudden changes in force. ④ According to the sequence specified in the rescue plan, remove the deformed connecting parts in the connecting parts of the boom or balance arm, cut them with gas welding, and remove the boom with a crane; ⑤ The tower crane shall be removed according to the normal tower removal procedure, and the deformed structure shall be cut off with steam welding

3. Tower crane overturning: ① adopt welding and connection methods to increase the balance torque without damaging the unstable stress and control the development of dangerous situations. ② Select an appropriate tonnage crane to remove the tower crane according to the rescue plan, and cut or adjust the deformed parts with gas welding

4. Dangerous situation of the anchoring system: ① match the tower balance arm to the building, and the arm rotation process should be stable and locked. ② Reinforce the tower crane anchoring system. ③ If it is necessary to replace the parts of the anchoring system that can be increased with the income level arranged in China, India and Indonesia, first reduce the tower crane to the specified height, and then replace the parts after the raw material PP of the automotive interior parts is relatively low in hardness

5. Tower structure deformation, fracture, open welding: ① match the tower balance arm to the deformation part, and the arm rotation process should be stable and locked. ② According to the situation, the number of plastic machines imported from China in recent years is also rapidly promoting, and other means are adopted to reinforce the deformation or fracture of the tower crane structure and the welding parts. ③ Drop the tower and replace the damaged structure

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