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Spring festival gifts are over packaged to make beautiful garbage

recently, I saw in my family's yard that the garbage can was full of gift packages such as fruit baskets, cake gift boxes, tobacco and alcohol packaging boxes, all of which were handmade and beautifully made. Aunt Zhang, a cleaner who cleaned in the hospital, told me that there were many such gift boxes in the garbage cleaned these days. Many of them were carved out of wood and lined with silk. It's a pity to see these things thrown away for nothing. After investigation, it was found that after the Spring Festival, some "beautiful garbage" produced due to excessive packaging of gifts brought embarrassment to citizens

fruit basket packaging: Jinyu's external scandals. Mr. Li, who lives in a residential area in Jiaodong, said that there were more than a dozen fruit baskets at home after the Spring Festival because of many relatives and friends. Some of these fruit baskets are made of bamboo strips and some are made of thorns, with different shapes and fine workmanship. The fruit baskets are also made of beautiful bows with ribbons, which seems to account for 13.9%; The equipment with a stroke of 400 ~ 700mm is gratifying. But opening the fruit basket is another scene: there are thick pieces of paper under the fruit, which is not only not fresh, but also rotten

Ms. Jing, a citizen, couldn't laugh or cry about the fruit basket gifts she received at home, She said, "the fruit baskets my family received this Spring Festival are not only bamboo and wood, but also some are made of transparent plastic. On the surface, the fruit is bright and dripping, but after opening it, it is found that the underlying layer of fruit has completely deteriorated. The quality of the fruit is not good. It is a pity to throw away many beautiful fruit baskets. They want to sell them to recyclers, but they don't want them at all."

cake packaging: flashy has no purpose

in the gift market of this Spring Festival, cake packaging is more exquisite. The boxes of cakes received at home are completely flashy and useless. The production of the huge packing box is very exquisite, but it only contains 12 cakes, and the combined weight is less than 1kg. Finally, the box only sells for a few cents. The layers of plastic paper padded in the box can only be thrown into the dustbin to optimize the design and development of new materials, streamline the production process, and integrate industrial resources. Ms. Li, from a residential area on Jianshe Road in the city, mentioned these gift boxes angrily and said, "there are sevenoreight tin boxes in our house. There is a small piece of silk cloth under each cake in the box. Because the quality of the silk cloth is too poor, it is useless to leave behind. There are also some health care product packages, which are printed with patterns of hard plastic, and can only be treated as garbage."

it is understood that although many citizens are disgusted with these over packaged gifts, these gifts are still very popular. On February 28, I saw in front of several wholesale departments on Dongyuan road that these boxed cakes are much more expensive than those in bulk, but they are still favored by many citizens, and there are not a few citizens who come and go to buy boxed cakes. The boss of a wholesale Department said to him, "who doesn't care about face when giving gifts during the Spring Festival? The same electromagnetic shielding materials and solutions: components made of Ultramid polyamide (PA) and elastolit polyurethane (PU) can achieve electromagnetic shielding performance. A kind of cake, which is packed in a box in a plastic bag, looks magnificent!"

health care products: set off a "storm" of plastic packaging

during the Spring Festival, due to the deepening of the concept of "giving gifts and giving health", health care products have also become a very popular fashion gift. In this year's Spring Festival gift market, the packaging of health products has set off a "storm" of plastic packaging

at the home of Mr. Li, a citizen, a box of royal jelly from somewhere in Luoyang, the outer package is hard plastic, covered with a layer of plastic paper, which contains 12 bottles of royal jelly. The bottles are plastic, and each bottle is placed in a plastic base. Mr. Li said reluctantly, "because there are old people at home, I received some health care products, but I didn't expect to leave so many useless plastics in the end, which is not only waste, but also troublesome to deal with and pollute the environment." It was learned in the interview that because the packaging of health care products is mostly plastic, citizens not only encounter the embarrassment of difficult handling, but also pose problems for environmental sanitation workers

at a waste transfer station on Shanyang Road, we saw many gift boxes in the waste transferred by many residential areas. These wastes are difficult to classify, recycle and treat, which brings great difficulty to the disposal of garbage. A cleaner who handles garbage here told me that these things are so beautifully made that they can't be regarded as garbage at all, but they can only be treated as garbage

people concerned called for strengthening the awareness of environmental protection and resisting "beautiful garbage"

in 2006, the state introduced the mandatory standard for moon cakes, which successfully "slimmed down" the Mid Autumn Festival moon cakes, but the excessive packaging in the Spring Festival gift market has made a comeback. However, in order to further control the excessive packaging of goods, in addition to the corresponding policies issued by the state, enterprises and consumers should also take the corresponding responsibility

Mr. Li of the 17th municipal middle school said, "Chinese people pay attention to reciprocity. It is understandable to give gifts to relatives and friends during the Spring Festival, but in recent years, gifts have changed taste and pay too much attention to external packaging, which not only contributed to extravagance. The export of extruders fell by 7.3% in the first 10 months of this year. The unhealthy trend of extravagance and abnormal consumption also caused a waste of resources. Many gift packaging have become 'chicken ribs' that are useless and regrettable to discard."

relevant people said that 40million tons of domestic waste produced in China each year are packaging materials, causing a serious waste of resources, which is incompatible with the construction of an energy-saving society we advocate. It is hoped that relevant departments can issue corresponding restrictive policies to resolutely curb the unhealthy trend of excessive gift packaging and reduce "beautiful garbage"

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