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The closing innovation of the spring Canton Fair opened a new path for the Red Star Machine

the closing innovation of the spring Canton Fair opened a new path for the Red Star Machine

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the first phase of the 117th Canton Fair ended on the 19th. The first five-day exhibition of red star machinery mainly focuses on electronic and electrical products, household appliances, construction machinery and equipment, and the turnover has accounted for about half of the total turnover of the current session for many years

the latest data of the conference shows that the first four days before the conference. 7. Functional accessories of experimental instruments and experimental instruments related to experimental instruments; There were 92719 buyers, down 8.38% from the previous spring Canton Fair (115th session), among which the number of buyers from the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and other regions decreased to varying degrees

with the deepening of the exhibition, merchants began to increase, and many merchants came from the Middle East and Africa. With the promotion of the national strategy of "the the Belt and Road", the export of construction machinery, mining equipment and other products has attracted attention. According to the official statistics of this Canton Fair, during the three days of its opening, the Guangzhou delegation alone sold a total of 486million US dollars, which remained stable on the whole

after the launch of the national "one road and one belt" strategy, it has quickly become a key battlefield for enterprises to explore the international market more than 100000 times. It is believed that the "the Belt and Road" market is worth looking forward to, but enterprises need to deepen their understanding of the national culture, policies, economy, laws and other aspects of the "the Belt and Road" from "going out" to "going steady and going well". At the same time, the international market competitiveness should not be ignored. We should do our homework to deal with the competition in the construction machinery manufacturing industry in Europe, America and Japan

innovation has become an important strategy for many enterprises to break the export bottleneck, improve enterprise efficiency, and combat the sluggish international market

new products are the biggest way for enterprises to win market competitiveness. Although the quotations of various equipment models are higher than those of similar products this time, the buyers have responded well. Nowadays, with the rising cost, price competition is obviously not the advantage of Chinese enterprises. Improving the cost performance of products is the key to maintain market share in the future

Red Star machine has invested a lot of human, material and financial resources in innovative products, developed many innovative environmental protection equipment, complied with the appeal of environmental protection, met market demand, and won the favor of many buyers at this exhibition

many exhibitors said that the current market is gradually stable compared with the previous two years, especially the national "the Belt and Road" strategic opportunity has brought new growth points to enterprises, and many enterprises are seizing the opportunity to actively develop their own brands. At the same time, some enterprises also reported that since last year, the devaluation of currencies in many countries has led to a reduction in external demand, and the growth pressure is still relatively large. Products need to be constantly innovated and increased value-added to win the market

currently, the Red Star machine brand is well-known in Asia, Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions. After the implementation of the "one road and one belt" strategy, it is believed that both brand awareness and sales will increase significantly

with the help of the platform of the Canton Fair, Red Star Machine comprehensively promotes the national "the Belt and Road" strategy and actively explores the markets of countries along the route. By participating in this exhibition, we have laid a good foundation for the establishment of customer relations, the development of new markets and the realization of order sales

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