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Talking about the air duct design of air conditioning for engineering vehicles

the air conditioning of engineering machinery has developed from nothing to a direct blowing air conditioning system that can be cooled and heated, from initially only providing fans in the cab, which not only looks no different from wood materials in terms of heat dissipation, but also develops into a direct blowing air conditioning system that can be cooled and heated. Now, with the further improvement of the requirements of construction machinery operators for the comfort of the working environment, the air duct type automatic control construction machinery air conditioning came into being and is gradually becoming the mainstream

the layout of the air duct is related to the failure of the air conditioning system. 2: when the press increases the load test, the tension cannot be raised. The overall layout and structural performance are particularly important to the cab space of engineering vehicles and the comfort of drivers and passengers. When arranging the air duct of the air conditioning system, the flexibility of users should be considered, and the layout should be reasonable, so as not to hinder the driving and riding of personnel

1 brief introduction of air duct structure and function

air duct air conditioners generally have the functions of blowing back, facing, defrosting, blowing feet and so on

next, take the driving chamber of Anhui grid GME 150-15t excavator as an example to introduce the structure and function of the air duct

(2) front defrosting and air inlet

and heating air channel to send the treated air flow to the cab

the air duct is a part of the air conditioning system. It is not only related to the car structure and the air conditioning refrigeration system, but also closely related to the structural shape of the air conditioning duct. The layout direction, occupied space and flow rate of the air duct all affect the refrigeration effect of the air conditioner and the economy and appearance of the system. Therefore, the optimization degree of air duct is particularly important

2 pressure loss in the air duct

generally speaking, the problem of pressure loss in the air duct is relatively serious due to the limitation of the spatial structure of the engineering vehicle cab itself. Therefore, when designing the air duct, we should focus on the pressure loss of the air duct. The pressure loss of air duct is composed of pressure loss along the way and local pressure loss

2.1 pressure loss along the air duct

pressure loss along the air duct is caused by the air and the pipe wall 12 Curve selection of tensile stripping testing machine: stress-strain, force displacement, force time, displacement time and other curves can be selected according to needs for display and printing; The friction between the universal experimental machine and the friction between air molecules

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