Discussion on antistatic treatment of plastic pipe

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Discussion on antistatic treatment of plastic pipes

plastic is a good insulator. Therefore, the conductivity of plastic pipes is very poor. This usually useful performance is a disadvantage in mining. Due to the high surface resistance, the charges on the surface or conducted do not flow and accumulate, and there is a danger of spark detonation when discharging

it is generally believed that the surface resistance of 10^6 ohms is the lowest limit to prevent electrostatic accumulation. According to different purposes of use, the surface resistance of underground mining plastic pipes should be maintained at 10^9-10^8 ohms, or lower than this value

when the surface resistance of plastic pipes exceeds 10^13 ohms, there are two ways to resist static electricity. One method is to introduce static electricity into the raw material so that it can move to the surface, so its hydrophilic branches will produce antistatic effect, that is, reduce the resistance of the surface. At this time, air humidity is an important influence value (greater than 40%). Over time, the effect of this antistatic measure will also weaken. The best internal admixture is to add special carbon black with good conductivity, but the amount must be more than 15%, which will greatly reduce the mechanical strength of the material

another method is to add antistatic material to the surface of the pipe. This is not a good way; Because it can't last. By adding conductive ink or coating conductive paint, the polyolefin earthquake resistant building was built in 1993 for your reference: the pipes have achieved particularly good results to meet different needs. However, the pipes must be treated by corona discharge in advance to make the inert polyolefin surface have good adhesion to the ink

there are some plastic pipes on the market, which are made by other methods. In addition to its flame retardant properties, it also has good antistatic effect. This method is to add a flame retardant rigid PVC pipe with a conductive soft PVC thin layer. Others use other methods, such as adding a metal coating to the plastic pipe with a special method

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