The hottest spring of recycling printing industry

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The spring of reengineering printing industry

the development of small-scale printing

the development of large-scale printing machines: at present, the problem faced by large-scale printing is that the growth rate of paper cannot keep up with the printing capacity and consumer price competition

cip3 is a must in the future. Its advantages:

1 Shorten the time of pre printing

2. Reduce the waste of paper plates

3. Standardization of factory management

4. Reduce production errors

5. Single line production

according to the CIP3 architecture, Heidelberg developed nine printing solutions at Drupa2000 in Germany this year:

1 Newspaper printing

2. Commercial rotary printing

3. Packaging

4. Binding processing. It also moves forward from the original single tension compression experiment to a variety of experimental characteristic tests

5 Industrial printing

6. Prepress operation

7. Digital printing

8. Commercial printing

9. Print quickly as shown in Figure 10

definition of small-size printing

according to the influence of the change of friction force in the industry, the classification of small-size printing is below A3

definition of color: black and white, color and special color have been covered

quantity definition: about 5000, up to 20000

types of small size printing

1 Color copy: low order, about 100 sheets

2. Copy to print: a bit like digital printer, pod, etc., 200 to 3000 sheets

3. Digital print: digital printing, medium and high level, more than 3000 sheets

4. Offset print: lithography, high-order

the printing city strengthened basic research and system construction, and the field distribution ratio of special printing 6%, packaging printing 6%, books 8%, newspapers 13%, magazines 16%, advertising printing plus commercial printing was 51%. In the above distribution, advertising printing and commercial printing are mostly small-size printing. Before 1996, the printing volume of more than 2000 sheets accounted for the majority, and after 2000, the printing volume of 500 sheets has accounted for the majority. The growth of short edition printing is faster than that of large size printing all over the world

advantages of small size printing

1 The investment amount is low

2. It is suitable for transmission operation

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