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Recently, the expert report meeting of "Quancheng Science Lecture" jointly sponsored by Jinan Association for science and technology and China National Heavy Truck Corporation was held in the auditorium of the marketing center of China National Heavy Truck science and technology building. A total of more than 300 middle and senior management cadres and front-line marketing managers from the municipal Association for science and technology, China National Heavy Truck Association, China national heavy truck light truck sales department participated in the event

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this expert report meeting invited Wang Desheng, professor and doctoral supervisor of Shandong University's passive connector and reaction frame passive connector connection Broadcasting College, to make a theme report with the theme of "management philosophy and management art". At the meeting, caoyongming, vice chairman of Jinan Association for science and technology, awarded Professor Wang Desheng the appointment letter of the lecturer group of "Quancheng Science Lecture Hall"

Quancheng, especially the latex products Science Lecture Hall, is a large series of science lectures for the public, creating an interactive platform for the public to understand science, and providing an opportunity to understand social hot spots, current affairs, science and technology, and the forefront of scientific and technological development. It has built a bridge for scientists to communicate with the general public, so that the public can enjoy the happiness brought by knowledge, and thus promote the close integration of science and technology with economic development, social progress, the improvement of public cultural level, and the improvement of quality of life

Professor Wang Desheng combined many examples in life and work in the teaching process, which made many management principles and methods easy to understand. His views and thoughts inspired the audience and were warmly welcomed by everyone. (the fillers in these tubes are designed as cell scaffolds, this article is from China National Heavy Duty Truck)

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