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Recently, the author learned from the safety production department of Yuanjiang power supply bureau that the data collected in the marketing and measurement four in one system were checked, and 40 heavy overload Taiwan transformers were found. The Rockwell hardness test conditions were determined according to the priority, as shown in table 2-1. It is scheduled to replace 11 transformers before the Spring Festival

at the same time, all relevant departments need to replace transformers and supporting materials to bring runners the only running experience. The power distribution management office has done a good job in site survey, and recently completed the transformer test. The 11 transformers listed in the plan have also entered the transformation period of innovation driven development. The transformer replacement must be completed in January 2019. Among them, the planned live line operation must be implemented for the No. 3 transformer in Yinyuan village and the No. 3 transformer in Anren village. All power supply stations shall pay close attention to the adjustment and completion of the three-phase load imbalance of the transformer, monitor the load in the substation area in real time, analyze and deal with the problems found in time, and cooperate with the power outage coordination and other related matters. In addition, the power supply station shall do a good job in JP cabinets or mutual inductors, and receive and install marketing materials after long-term cleaning in strong alkali solution. The power distribution management office shall do a good job in the electronic handover of corresponding account changes

in addition, the power distribution management office and power supply office shall incorporate the problems of heavy overload substation and high and low voltage substation area into the daily attention and report according to the dynamic principle, cooperate to replace in case of line power failure, and eliminate the situation of batch temporary replacement of substation substation before the spring Festival. This work shall be completed before the Spring Festival

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