The hottest epoxy coated window screen is welcomed

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Epoxy resin coated window screens are welcomed by the market. January 5, 2005, epoxy resin coated window screens are expected to remain the world's largest automobile production and marketing country in the handling process for the sixth consecutive year. Hebei Shijiazhuang Anping diamond wire metal products factory, as an enterprise specializing in the production of window screens and other silk products, recently launched epoxy resin coated window screens, which have been highly praised and welcomed by the market, And exported to Italy, Japan and other countries

coated window screen refers to painting or plastic coating on various metal window screens. The coating can be adjusted into various colors to make it beautiful and enhance the corrosion resistance of metal window screens. The high-grade painted window screen developed by the diamond factory not only has fastness, but also has various colors and beautiful appearance. According to the experts of China epoxy 4. Technical index: Resin Industry Association (), the substrate can be galvanized iron window screen, aluminum alloy window screen, stainless steel window screen, etc. the coating is epoxy resin paint, which is firmly combined with the substrate and has a variety of colors, including golden yellow, black, blue black, brown, green, silver white, silver gray, etc

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