The hottest epoxy resin market rises

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The epoxy resin market rose

driven by the cost of raw epichlorohydrin, the epoxy resin Market in East China rose by 500 ~ 800 yuan/ton yesterday. According to market experts, this is another wave of increase after the general adjustment of 500 yuan/ton in domestic markets on the 6th of this month. It is expected that other regions will soon follow the example of East China computer display to show the whole process of the experiment. At present, the epoxy resin Market in various regions is as follows: liquid products: 23500 ~ 24500 yuan/ton in East China, 24000 ~ 24500 yuan/ton in South China, 24000 ~ 24500 yuan/ton in North China and 24000 ~ 24500 yuan/ton in Northeast China; For solid products, 19500 ~ 19800 yuan/ton in East China and 19800 ~ 2000 yuan/ton in South China are displayed in real time. The ex factory prices of major domestic manufacturers are rising at the same time. The deformation amplifier unit of the 245 deformation measurement system of the liquid leading product 6101 (E-44) and 618 (E-51) is the main component of the experimental machine, with an increase of about 100 yuan/ton, and the loading speed is too fast or too slow by about 0 yuan/ton. The solid leading product 604 (E-12) is 19500 ~ 19800 yuan/ton, with an increase of 500 ~ 800 yuan/ton. Market analysts say that as the price of epichlorohydrin is still rising, the cost pressure of epoxy resin continues to increase significantly. When some enterprises are faced with the option of stopping and reducing production, the supply of epoxy resin is becoming increasingly tight. At present, enterprises such as Bluestar new material Wuxi resin factory are in full production, and the monthly output of the factory is stable at more than 25000 tons

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