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The epidemic has accelerated the transformation of intelligent manufacturing. Hongke invited cc

in this process, the advantages of intelligence and digitalization have been fully demonstrated in both the early stage of rush to work due to lack of medical materials and the later stage of resumption of production. Intelligent manufacturing transformation is bound to become a required course for future manufacturing enterprises

as far as enterprises are concerned, smart factories can maximize the use of machinery and equipment instead of customizing the compressed stroke length of the pressure value displayed on the production data display according to the unique body structure of each patient, improve the efficiency of factory production and management, reduce the workload of problem occurrence and troubleshooting, optimize the machine maintenance plan, and save costs. Industrial communication is an essential part of intelligent manufacturing, which carries the interconnection between equipment and management system

based on the above trends, market and user feedback, we can predict that the future industrial network environment will develop in the direction of real-time, interoperability and time synchronization. The latest generation of open industrial network CC link ie TSN network can realize the integration of FA and it, high-speed and high-precision control, reduce the hours of online, use and maintenance, and realize the universality of different equipment protocols of different manufacturers. It is very consistent with the construction of modern smart factories

the pattern and height of enterprises are determined by their sensitivity to new technologies and development trends in the industry. Within the two years since the launch of CC link ie TSN, many innovative enterprises have taken the lead in joining the CC link ie TSN ecosystem, and a number of related products and development tools have also been launched. As a partner of CC link association, Guangzhou Hongke Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. also released its protocol stack (master and slave) supporting CC link ie TSN

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Hongke company focuses on testing, measurement and control, automotive electronics, automation, embedded development tools and software engineering. CC link ie TSN has 1gbit/s or 100mbit/s bandwidth and time sensitive network (TSN), allowing deterministic real-time data flow and standard Ethernet data flow (webserver, FTP, SNMP, etc.) to be transmitted through the same network

at the same time, the standard component CC link ie TSN (workshop) can be integrated into the advanced IT network (office, such as ERP) to realize the intelligent chemical plant (industry 4.0). In addition, the CC link ie TSN uses IEEE 802.1as for time synchronization and IEEE 802.1qbv for time division. In addition, IEEE 1588v2 can also be used for time synchronization

in order to let everyone, especially Hongke's customer partners, know more about the new generation of CC link ie TSN to create the industrial chain agreement of "magnetic materials and key supporting materials - magnet components - Special Electromechanical", Hongke invited Yang Kai, senior engineer of CC Link Association (China) Technology Association, to broadcast the TSN technology background, CC link ie TSN concept CC link ie TSN features and product development based on CC link ie TSN protocol

our engineer Yang Kai must be very familiar with us! He has participated in many national key research projects, has rich experience in R & D of various fieldbus instruments and meters, and participated in standard production as a member of the fieldbus national standard formulation expert group. At that time, you are welcome to scan the QR code below to watch

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