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Two years of history, two decades of technology

-- Interview with suzigu, head of the Sales Department of FST (Shanghai) Image Technology Co., Ltd.

in East China, FST (Shanghai) image technology has a temperature difference of 2 ~ 3 ℃ between the air flow near the box wall and the center temperature of the flow field. This Japanese funded enterprise is not old. However, due to the full investment and technical support of fast, which was founded in 1982, fast (Shanghai) has accumulated a full 20-year technical foundation in its two-year history

due to the busy work, Mr. Su Zigu, the head of the Sales Department of fastview (Shanghai) Image Technology Co., Ltd., didn't make time for our interview until the evening. Under the tranquil and serene night sky of Zhangjiang High Tech Park in Shanghai, Mr. suzigu introduced to us the Fashite (Shanghai) and its development. FST (Shanghai) anisotropic Image Technology Co., Ltd., which is used to measure materials and marked by ear making rate, was established in April 2004. At present, it is mainly engaged in the research and development and market expansion of image processing and machine vision. Japan fast has the same history as the application of machine vision technology in industry. Because of this, FST (Shanghai) has technology R & D strength that domestic enterprises can hardly match. FST (Shanghai) can not only use the technical resources of the Japanese headquarters, but also have a group of Chinese technicians with rich experience in machine vision practice in the technical team of the Japanese head office, who can provide strong technical support for FST (Shanghai)

"we pay special attention to the investment in technology development. About 60% of the company's employees are engaged in technology development." Mr. Su said. Among the R & D staff of Fashite (Shanghai) Image Technology Co., Ltd., there are not only overseas experts with many years of experience in machine vision field work, but also new forces full of vitality. Over the past two years, fascit (Shanghai) has continuously cultivated and trained its own technical team in order to provide customers with higher quality products and services with better technology. Mr. Su told us that enterprises must pay attention to the communication with customers' resources in order to achieve a win-win situation, and the idea of fasyt is to develop China's machine vision industry with customers

in Japan, fast company has an image processing professional technology development team unmatched by other companies. As a major member of the Special Committee on image application technology of the Japan Precision Engineering Society and other societies, the company has always been at the forefront of technical research and development and was the first to obtain relevant technical information

FST (Shanghai) makes full use of this advantage. They not only pay attention to research and development, but also pay more attention to application. At present, the products launched by FST (Shanghai) in China mainly cover four fields: FV pixel, a defect detection system for liquid crystal panels, FV aligner, a high-precision positioning system for liquid crystal panels, PCB boards, and semiconductor production, It is used by foreign enterprises that have professional departments and experienced machine vision systems that use human resources to detect printed matter, as well as rich image processing library functions and related ActiveX controls independently developed by fast company

just like the name of the company, "fast" processing speed is the advantage of fast's long-term cooperation with customers in the industrial field. High accuracy is another important highlight, especially fast's positioning system FV aligner, whose actual positioning accuracy has reached 1 μ m。 In the field of industrial inspection application, especially in the field of liquid crystal panel inspection, for the complex situation of large processing area and small defects, the machine vision system represented by FV pixel can stably meet the requirements of customers for quality control. At the same time, in order to facilitate the use of fast's vision system, many customers with independent development requirements can independently build image processing solutions by organically combining fast's hardware system and software products, and can also use the external image database image processing software provided by fast. Mr. Suzi Gu told us that fast company is the only enterprise in Japan to develop image processing library functions. The constantly improved library functions are not only powerful and can solve various image processing solutions, but also simple and easy to use. For customers with programming foundation, they can quickly master programming skills and skillfully carry out secondary development

Mr. Su hopes to bring the business philosophy of "innovation, realism and prosperity of society" of Fashite to China, and introduce and promote the advanced management experience and technology of Japanese machine vision industry. In the long-term plan of fastview (Shanghai) Image Technology Co., Ltd., they plan to spend five years to build fastview (Shanghai) into a leading brand in the field of image processing (machine vision), and gradually provide fast's advanced image processing technology to users in China, Japan and Southeast Asia, making the company a more responsible multinational company. This is the goal of Mr. Su, and it is also the goal of Fashite (Shanghai)

in 2006, focus on promoting core products, continue to train the team, strengthen sales and technical resources, further win the trust of customers, and improve the comprehensive strength and popularity of focus (Shanghai) in the field of image processing technology through in-depth research and development. As Mr. Su said, 1 it is necessary to ensure that the main machine grounding develops steadily in a down-to-earth manner in order to be suitable for long-term development, because in the face of the international market with increasingly high quality requirements, China, the "world factory", needs higher vision equipment to ensure quality and improve output, which is also the direction of machine vision development

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