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Two wings fly together to strengthen and expand China's construction machinery enterprises

two wings fly together to strengthen and expand China's construction machinery enterprises

China Construction machinery information

Guide: in recent years, China's construction machinery industry has continued to grow at a high speed, which has brought a rare development opportunity to domestic construction machinery enterprises. Some leading enterprises have ranked among the top 50 construction machinery enterprises in the world. If they can seize the opportunity, repair both inside and outside, become stronger and bigger, in 5 to 10 years, Chinese construction machinery enterprises are expected to rank among

in recent years, China's construction machinery industry has continued to grow at a high speed, which has brought a once-in-a-lifetime development opportunity to domestic construction machinery enterprises. Some leading enterprises have ranked among the world's top 50 construction machinery enterprises. If they can seize the opportunity, repair both inside and outside, and become stronger and bigger, in 5-10 years, Chinese construction machinery enterprises are expected to rank among the world's top five construction machinery enterprises, and even caterpillar in China

advantaged: entering the period of rapid development of the industry

in the first half of 2007, the sales growth rate of China's construction machinery industry reached 46%, higher than that of the whole. Slow said that this kind of technology can also be used in other aspects. The growth rate of the machinery industry is 32%. It is expected that the annual sales will exceed 226billion yuan, with an increase of about 40%, and the industry profit can increase by 70% to 100% year-on-year

the huge demand and rapid development of the domestic market have brought unique growth opportunities to Chinese construction machinery enterprises. Chinese construction machinery enterprises are growing rapidly while continuously meeting domestic demand. The technological level of the enterprise itself is constantly improving, and the speed of product upgrading is accelerating; The concentration of the industry continues to increase, and the economies of scale can be seen; The governance of enterprises has been significantly optimized. Many companies have established a complete set of modern enterprise systems and organizational structures, and the competitiveness of enterprises has been significantly improved

according to the statistical data of the world's top 50 construction machinery in 2006 published by international construction magazine, some advantageous construction machinery enterprises in China, such as XCMG group, Zoomlion, Liugong group, Sany Heavy Industry, Xiamen Engineering Group, China Longgong and Shantui, have ranked among the world's top 50 construction machinery. Zoomlion Heavy Industry and Sany Heavy Industry, two of the leading enterprises with strong comprehensive strength, ranked 26th and 28th with sales of US $1.11 billion and US $1.04 billion respectively

Sany is an excellent private enterprise. With its R & D ability, technical advantages and perfect marketing system, it ranks first in the market share of concrete machinery and pile machinery. At present, Sany company plans to invest and build factories in the United States and India. The export situation is optimistic, and it is expected to maintain a high-speed growth of 50% - 100%. In addition, the company's flexible management mechanism and excellent management team are also its major advantages

Zoomlion is the second largest engineering crane manufacturer and the second largest concrete machinery manufacturer in China, with a stable market position. And in the field of heavy truck cranes and crawler cranes in the domestic leading position. Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute, the former major shareholder of the company, is the largest comprehensive scientific research institution of construction machinery in China with a history of 50 years, with outstanding scientific research strength. In 2006, the company completed the management equity incentive system, and its operating mechanism was greatly optimized

Zoomlion has entered many product production fields through independent research and development and mergers and Acquisitions: Engineering cranes, road machinery, rotary drilling rigs, machine tools, etc., and has achieved rapid development and a relatively leading position in each field, with outstanding epitaxial development ability. In the first half of 2007, Zoomlion's net profit increased by 99% year-on-year. It is expected that the company's annual compound growth rate will reach more than 50% from 2006 to 2009

from the perspective of the industry as a whole, a relatively complete construction machinery system is gradually being established in China, and enterprises in the industry also have the phenomenon of mutual penetration of products and the extension of product chain to the upstream

find the gap: business diversification and technology research and development

however, there is still a large gap between the existing strength of China's construction machinery enterprises and international giants. According to the data of 2006, the sales volume of caterpillar is about 12 times that of XCMG group, the largest construction machinery enterprise in China, and the operating profit is 28 times that of Zoomlion. In terms of enterprise scale, production and sales, per capita output value, enterprise profits and other aspects, the competitiveness of China's construction machinery enterprises, especially the international competitiveness, needs to be improved

from the history of caterpillar and other international construction machinery giants, domestic engineering material suppliers are relatively guaranteed in terms of cost and delivery time. According to the analysis, diversification strategy and attention to technology research and development are two important reasons for their success

first, the diversification of products, businesses and markets has become the driving force for the long-term prosperity of enterprises

caterpillar achieved a profit of $3.537 billion in 2006, an increase of 28% over the same period in 2006. In terms of business, the operating profit of mechanical equipment was $3.027 billion, that of power equipment was $1.630 billion, and that of financial products was $670 million

Caterpillar construction machinery and equipment products have covered most major varieties. Road machinery, earth shoveling and transportation machinery, cranes, civil bridge and culvert engineering machinery are its main sales products. The width of its product line and the sales revenue and scale of a single product are much larger than those of international competitors such as Komatsu of Japan and Terex of the United States and domestic enterprises in China

with its perfect product line, caterpillar has established a relatively decentralized and diversified customer structure among end users, avoiding the risk of excessive single market. The balanced development of Caterpillar's overseas market and local market helps it resist the impact of single market economic fluctuations on product sales. In the two economic recessions of the United States from 1929 to 1932 and 1974 to 1975, it was overseas market business that helped it resist risks

Komatsu of Japan, which ranks second in the field of international construction machinery, has its overseas market business accounting for about 2/3 of its sales revenue. According to Komatsu's 2005 annual report, Komatsu's sales revenue in Japan accounted for only 30.9% of its total, the rest were 27.8% in North America and Latin America, 27.2% in the Pan Pacific region, and 14.1% in Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Its degree of internationalization was better than that of caterpillar

second, continuous R & D investment promotes the technological progress of products and the level of profit margin increases year by year

continue to invest a lot of research and development costs, maintain product design and development, and form a good circulation mechanism, which is another main reason for caterpillar and other international construction machinery giants to maintain continuous progress. In 2006, Caterpillar's R & D expenditure reached a record $1.347 billion, accounting for 3.24% of sales revenue

even in the economic depression, caterpillar still attaches importance to scientific research projects and continues to launch new products. In 1931, caterpillar introduced the revolutionary 60 diesel engine, which could significantly reduce the fuel cost at that time, opening a way for the depressed tractor market at that time. It is the company's R & D system that has helped caterpillar weather the test of the economic crisis and enable it to stand on top of the world's construction machinery

internal and external repair: the enterprise is expected to further develop

at present, the product line of domestic construction machinery enterprises is relatively narrow, the market is relatively single-minded, and the customer base is also highly concentrated. The operation of enterprises is easily affected by the demand for a single product. Diversification is the only way for enterprises to smooth the fluctuation cycle of the industry and become stronger and bigger

caterpillar's frequent mergers and acquisitions since its birth is an effective way to implement its diversification strategy. The gradual extension of the enterprise's industrial chain to the upstream is also an effective means for enterprises to maintain competitive advantage. Today, Caterpillar's second largest business - power equipment is the extension of its original mechanical equipment industry. Through strategic cooperation with Hunan Yunda and Changxing, Zoomlion has integrated its upstream general parts processing and saw blade raw materials businesses. Food contact materials are an important part of food safety

at present, the overseas market ratio of domestic construction machinery is about 20%. The development of overseas market helps to resist the impact of domestic macroeconomic regulation on enterprises. Chinese enterprises can learn from the growth experience of caterpillar and other enterprises, firmly grasp the current favorable opportunity for development, expand the product structure through mergers and acquisitions, industrial chain extension and other ways, vigorously explore overseas markets, implement diversified strategies, and rapidly develop and expand themselves

the gap in product technology and quality is another main reason why China's construction machinery enterprises are large but not strong at present

technology introduction in a specific period is of great significance to quickly narrow the technological gap and catch up with the international advanced level. China's construction machinery manufacturing enterprises have introduced foreign advanced technology on a large scale since the late 1970s. After years of digestion and absorption, the product technology level has been greatly improved. However, the independent innovation ability of enterprises should be further strengthened. Only in this way can we ensure the high yield of products

business diversification and independent innovation are the two wings of enterprise development, and neither is indispensable. As long as we give full play to these two factors, coupled with the outstanding cost performance advantages of China's construction machinery enterprises, with the further improvement of the competitiveness of domestic enterprises and the completion of overseas sales network layout, the sales volume of China's construction machinery products will increase significantly in the global market, especially in emerging developing countries, with great potential

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