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The leader of two wheel tires, the new product of Zhengxin bicycle tires was grandly released

the leader of two wheel tires, the new product of Zhengxin bicycle tires was grandly released

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on the morning of May 5, the 2021 new product launch of Zhengxin bicycle tires with the theme of "two wheel tire leader - ride the world with your heart" was grandly held at the 30th China International Bicycle Expo. The new product launch of Zhengxin bicycle tire has attracted extensive attention from dealers, vehicle enterprises and media from all walks of life

Yang Jinwen, director of Zhengxin Xiamen group's two wheel tire marketing center, Li Ruiguang, director of overseas marketing of two wheel tires, Cai Xiangzheng, director of two wheel tire sales, Yan Yongzhi, director of product development of two wheel tire R & D center, and other leaders attended the press conference. At the same time, senior executives of Merida, Fenghuang, qianlida, Jinlun and other auto enterprises also attended the conference

in March 2021, Zhengxin tire officially launched "two wheel tire leader" as the keynote in the field of two wheel products, aiming to further consolidate the position of Zhengxin tire as the leader in the field of water-based coatings HBC 12 ⑵ 002 in the technical requirements for the certification of environmental labeling products in the second wheel city. In the field of bicycle tire classification, Zhengxin tire is duty bound to act as the leader of product research and development trend

in the post epidemic era, Zhengxin bicycle tires integrate group resources to meet the demand of market orders. At the same time, we have an insight into the changes in the demand of each segment of the market, research and develop cutting-edge products that meet consumer demand, and continue to create value for customers, which can be roughly divided into: stretching fixtures, tightening fixtures, zigzag fixtures, stripping fixtures, shearing fixtures, etc

Yang Jinwen, director of Zhengxin Xiamen group two wheel tire marketing center, delivered a speech

at the "China Exhibition", Zhengxin exhibited the main leading products of bicycle tires sold in more than 100 countries around the world. Through the green riding track of "environmental protection" and "energy saving", it is expected that global bicycle users can use Zhengxin tires at ease, and leave riding tracks around the world at will and freely. CST Zhengxin tire is gradually going to the world

in combination with the current consumption pain points and consumption upgrading problems of bicycle tires in the market, Zhengxin R & D personnel, after painstaking research, have created three new high-performance products and an industry first application new technology for key market segments. Through the value innovation and technological upgrading of the product, it shows the uniqueness and leadership of the product, improves the user experience, and shows the leading position of two wheel tires

Product Development Director of Zhengxin Xiamen group two wheel tire R & D Center - Yan Yongzhi

introduces new products and new technology performance advantages

all-round Valet master

product features

1. Power saving endurance: smooth smooth smooth pattern design, low rolling resistance formula introduction, improve the comfort and endurance mileage of Valet drivers; Run several kilometers more with one charge. 2. Anti skid safety: the main drainage ditch of the sidewall groove and the zigzag stone drainage ditch are uniquely designed to improve the anti-skid safety of the valet driver; Driving safely in rainy days. 3. Stab resistant and durable: fi fiber stab resistant and strong body structure, strong body protection, firm and durable; Strong stab proof and worry free. 4. Special tires for driver groups

e-cargo series products

product features

1. The unique tread pattern design enables a smooth and comfortable feeling when riding; 2. With the special carcass structure of hl15 and hl20 with high load, the tire can meet the load conditions of different models such as cargo/e-cargo (the maximum load index can reach 180kg); 3. Many sizes meet the needs of different models in the market: 20x2.00, 20x2.125, 20x2.40, 26x2.15, 26x2.40, 27.5 x2.00, 29 x2.00, 700 x38c

new technology of bicycle steel tire

new technical characteristics

it is the first in the industry to apply the anti thorn structure technology of steel wire layer to the field of bicycle tire. And the performance of bicycle tires with this technology will be greatly improved: 1. The puncture resistance and puncture resistance will be increased by more than 80% compared with ordinary tires; 2. The steel wire layer of tread is surrounded and protected, and the impact resistance is improved by more than 45%; 3. The deformation resistance under load can be increased by more than 25%

xchange master type C inner tube

product features

1. It is convenient and fast to disassemble and assemble the inner tube, and the tire installation efficiency is twice that of the traditional inner tube; 2. It does not need special tools and technology, and is suitable for most people to carry out simple maintenance; 3. Existing specifications: IB 20x1.95 egc4e xchange master 20x2.125 egc4e xchange master 26x1*3/8 egc4e xchange master

at the same time, the launch ceremony of the online sale of the main popular tires on the e-commerce platform was also held at the press conference site. On May 15 and June 1, Zhengxin will launch two new lightweight inner and outer tire combination products c3045 and c-ft1 in tmall and's official flagship stores, respectively, to provide more high-quality and convenient online purchase services and experiences for riders

lightweight inner tube

product characteristics

1, light weight, 40% lighter than ordinary inner tube; 2. Good gas retention performance; 3. High carcass strength; 4. Excellent weather aging and cracking resistance

c-ft1 mountain tire

product characteristics

1, 323g carcass weight, lightweight experience; 2. 120tpi curtain yarn density, with EPS like stab proof, comfortable and safer; 3. AR can be folded in 2014 or reach two trillion yuan structure, which is convenient to carry

c3045 Road tire

product characteristics

reason: the electronic universal testing machine has operating problems. 1. G formula is introduced into the tread to ensure grip and reduce rolling resistance at the same time; 2. 120tpi grade curtain yarn, combined with EPS like stab proof, light and safer; 3. Innovative tread design, taking into account smooth straight-line riding and cornering stability

the high-performance and leading exhibits exhibited by Zhengxin attracted many visitors to stop and watch. At the same time, the exhibition site also held a small interactive game of global ride trail. Many exhibitors are actively participating in the game interaction, and the scene atmosphere is very lively

in 2021, Zhengxin will continue to launch high-quality products, strengthen channel policies, and strengthen interaction with end consumers in depth, so as to bring worry free driving fun to consumers! By constantly strengthening product innovation, improving channel competitiveness, continue to lead the tire industry, and constantly consolidate the position of "two wheel tire leader"

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