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Introduction: for the construction machinery industry, the technical gap between us and our foreign counterparts is difficult to catch up in a short time, but high cost performance, perfect service system, advanced innovative business model and nationwide marketing network are our advantages, Become domestic construction machinery enterprises to defend and expand the market

for the construction machinery industry, it is difficult for us to catch up with our foreign counterparts in technology in a short time, but our advantages are high cost performance, perfect service system, advanced innovative business model and nationwide marketing network, which have become a solid force for domestic construction machinery enterprises to defend and expand the market. " Jiang Lin, Deputy Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, analyzed the current situation of our construction machinery manufacturing enterprises in this way

the latest statistics from the industry association of China machinery industry, whose process by-products must establish a resource recovery and utilization system, show that last year, the sales revenue of China's construction machinery manufacturing industry exceeded 210 billion yuan, ranking second in the world's construction machinery industry, second only to the United States, which has attracted the attention of the world and made vibration testing more important. Recently, 17 central media conducted a "special report on independent innovation in China's construction machinery industry" on 8 influential domestic construction machinery manufacturing enterprises, including Guangxi Liugong, Zoomlion, Sany group, Shanhe intelligent, Zhejiang Hangcha, Anhui Heli, XCMG group and Shantui

gorgeous turn on the survival line of old state-owned enterprises

foreign capital competition in the construction machinery manufacturing industry is very fierce. By the end of 2005, there were more than 130 foreign-funded construction machinery enterprises, and the share of foreign brand products in the Chinese market has been close to 50%, and they basically monopolized the high-end market of the industry and gradually encroached on the middle-end market

for a long time, it was some old state-owned enterprises with small scale and low scale efficiency that fought against foreign capital. It is understood that most of the enterprises interviewed by the central media this time turned out to be old state-owned enterprises on the verge of bankruptcy. The largest shareholder of Zoomlion was originally Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute; XCMG group started from two small mechanical processing enterprises; Hangcha's predecessor was Hangzhou forklift General Factory, which was on the verge of bankruptcy; Anhui Heli is a "large and comprehensive" old enterprise...

today, with the invasion of foreign capital and fierce market competition, these old state-owned enterprises can complete a magnificent turn on the survival line in a short time, lead the domestic logistics handling and manufacturing industry, and occupy half of the world market. Their common "treasure" is to realize independent innovation and system innovation

take hang Cha for example. As early as the 1980s, Hangzhou forklift truck factory was on the verge of bankruptcy. It was only after three restructuring in five years that the state-owned enterprise on the verge of bankruptcy was revitalized. In 2000, Hangcha was restructured for the first time, and the business model of employee holding, state participation and operator shareholding was established. Two years later, the company established a standardized corporate governance organization through restructuring. In 2005, through rational adjustment, a system with capital as the link and more than 40 production and operating subsidiaries under the jurisdiction of Hangcha parent company was formed. In 2007, the sales volume of Hangcha with assets of only 300million yuan accounted for the first in China, with 37925 sets sold, and the sales revenue exceeded 3billion yuan, an increase of more than 40% year-on-year; The export reached 10647 sets, earning foreign exchange of 140million US dollars, and the comprehensive economic benefit index was 356.3, ranking first in the forklift industry for eight consecutive years

in addition, Zoomlion, Guangxi Liugong, Sany group, Shanhe intelligent, Anhui Heli, XCMG and Shantui have all made institutional innovation attempts with different characteristics

system reform has not only revived enterprises, but also revived the whole industry. Yu Ju, Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said: "At that time, Beijing forklift factory, which ranked first in forklift sales in China, was squeezed out of the market due to the backward system. After the restructuring, Zhejiang Hangcha, Anhui Heli and other forklift enterprises developed together, breaking the siege of foreign brands. Hangcha and Heli accounted for more than half of the domestic forklift market share. China's own brand forklift products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world."

In recent years, as China enters the era of industrialization, domestic construction machinery manufacturing enterprises have risen rapidly. In addition to the restructured state-owned enterprises, a number of strong private enterprises such as Sany group have emerged. The competition is very fierce, but the recognized status of Anhui Heli and Zhejiang Hangcha has not changed

within the forklift industry, there is a saying: "which is the best direction for the development of China's construction machinery, the 'hang fork phenomenon' and the 'safety fork mode'?"

in the 1990s, ankha decided to enter the manufacturing of parts, take advantage of the opportunity of the merger and reorganization of state-owned enterprises, adopt the "large and comprehensive" business model, integrate the production resources of forklift parts across the country, and master the core technology of independent production of key components, which not only meets its own development needs, but also becomes a supporting device for internationally renowned brands. Shandong Shantui shares are the same

as Jiang Lin said, "large and comprehensive" is what enterprises have to do under the weak link of key parts construction. Taking a comprehensive view of internationally renowned brands, this kind of large input and output is not the development direction of modern construction machinery enterprises

in contrast, "Hangcha phenomenon" is more advanced. The so-called "Hangcha phenomenon" is to adhere to the development mode of "strengthening at both ends and refining in the middle", focusing on technology at one end, marketing at the other end and fine assembly in the middle. Figuratively speaking, it is a little similar to the "world factory", because many of its parts are purchased through global bidding. Hang fork only acts as an assembly factory, which is actually a small input and large output of "four or two pounds"

insiders said that at present, many large foreign companies adopt the "world factory" business model of Hangcha. For example, Germany Linde, Japan Toyota and Nissan. Spend the least money and do the most valuable things. This business model should be the best choice for developing enterprises

in fact, the final competition in the forklift industry is not domestic but international. The fighting spirit of Liugong, the elegance of Zoomlion, the passion of Sany group, the knowledge of Shanhe intelligence, the calmness of XCMG group, the wisdom of Anhui Heli, and the reform of Zhejiang Hangcha are all for the sake of gaining a foothold in the domestic market and competing for a place with caterpillar, Volvo, Komatsu and other international well-known brands internationally

"made in Hangzhou" how to lead the global market

despite the fierce market competition, zhaolimin, chairman of Hangcha Co., Ltd., is confident in the construction machinery industry, He said: "At present, the construction machinery manufacturing industry has just started in China. The annual demand for forklifts in China is about 200000 units, and the total world demand is about 10. We will find that the measured output signal of amplifier units changes linearly by about 10000 units, and the market is very optimistic. The next step is to do a good job in technological innovation, system reform, and strengthening management, and strive to enter the top ten in the world material handling equipment manufacturing industry within five years."

it is a goal of all Hangcha people to strive to enter the top ten in the world's material handling equipment manufacturing industry within five years. How to lead the global market? How to realize the healthy development of Hangcha in the next ten or twenty years? This is the question that Hangcha senior management is thinking about

Anhui Heli has become a trump card with the strength of "introducing foreign capital and giving priority to me"; XCMG group has achieved a leap from "loose" to "group" by introducing foreign capital, and Shantui Co., Ltd. has the ability to support the world's top enterprises in structural parts. In fact, Hangcha has also faced such "opportunities". At that time, the world's top foreign brands Linde of Germany and Toyota of Japan came to talk about joint ventures, but they did not agree. Pointing to the rows of small forklifts, Zhao Limin said, "if the joint venture was established, the brand would be gone, let alone talk."

this sentence tells us that the way out for Chinese construction machinery manufacturing enterprises is to create brands. At present, the most difficult problem of "made in Hangzhou" is the problem of capital strength, which is in a weak position in the struggle with strong enterprises at home and abroad. It is understood that the eight enterprises interviewed and reported by the central media this time have listed companies except Hangcha, which is also the "weakness" of Hangcha

due to the rise in world steel prices, from 5000 yuan/ton at the beginning of the year to the current 7 focus on key materials of 000 yuan/ton, hang fork has shifted to the selection of new materials, new technologies, new processes, the transformation and upgrading of new products, the realization of standardized production of parts, the successful development of front mobile forklifts, electric pallet trucks and other products, and combined with customer suggestions to develop a new generation of R series and J series forklifts, It has become the "gold lettered signboard" of Hangcha

in addition, Hangcha began to prepare for the construction of Zhejiang Hangcha Industrial Park project with an area of 516 mu in 2006, and the first phase of the project has broken ground. After being put into operation, it will form an annual production capacity of 60000 forklifts, and realize profits and taxes of 400million yuan

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