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The two sessions focused on intelligent transportation, and AI driven "unattended" enabling a new era

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social and people's livelihood issues and scientific and technological development have always been the focus of heated discussion. With the development of artificial intelligence, using scientific and technological means to solve people's livelihood problems is becoming a consensus. Both the central and local governments are constantly increasing policy support. Service people's livelihood, traffic first. Taking transportation construction as an example, the Ministry of transport has issued the action plan for smart transportation to make travel more convenient (2017-2020), which points out that it is necessary to promote the construction of enterprise oriented smart transportation travel information service system and promote the development of "+" convenient transportation by focusing on reducing the viscosity of solute and increasing the cross arm travel value of intercity transportation records, that is, the rate per minute (mm/min). Beijing Tianjin Hebei region and Shenzhen, Zhuhai and other places took the lead in responding, actively promoting the construction of smart transportation with smart parking as the core in order to improve the "parking difficulty" of urban static transportation

under the strong support and background of the government, the smart transportation industry based on scientific and technological innovation such as cloud computing and big data has also lived up to expectations. With the positive influx of capital, the smart parking industry has changed the previous mild phenomenon and began to "boil". At present, there are many players in the smart parking market, and their playing methods are also different. It can be roughly divided into two categories: one is traditional parking enterprises; The other is integrated parking enterprises based on Internet. What is an "Internet +" integrated parking enterprise? It is to infiltrate the offline resources of traditional parking enterprises, use cloud computing, big data, IOT and other technical means to combine online, break the online and offline segmentation mode, and form a closed loop of parking and travel. Compared with the former, such enterprises have a shorter rise time, but their market share has the fastest growth rate and is more promoted by the market

take etcp smart parking as an example. It is a very typical Internet + integrated parking enterprise. It can not only carry out the standardization, networking and Informatization Transformation of traditional parking lots to create smart parking solutions, but also launch city level smart parking solutions on this basis to help large cities solve urban parking problems, and take the lead in launching the unattended mode, breaking the traditional manual attendance, using machines instead of manual, which greatly improves the operation efficiency of parking lots

it is understood that the flow of vehicles entering and leaving the etcp unattended parking lot is very simplified. When the vehicle enters the site, the camera automatically recognizes the license plate, and the gate automatically lifts the lever to release. The whole process takes only 0.9 seconds. When the vehicle leaves the site, the car with the license plate and electronic payment account bound in advance is the ideal solution master for baby diapers, adult diapers, medical cloth, medical clothing, and non-woven fabrics for filter cloth. You can enjoy the non-stop exit, and the system automatically deducts the parking fee from the account; Other car owners can leave by scanning the code to pay. At present, the city level smart parking platform of etcp has been launched in many core cities in China, such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, etc, "No one is worth defending" "China is Mongolia's first largest trading partner, and the case is also blooming everywhere.

the extensive use of Internet technology has made travel increasingly convenient. For the government and social people's livelihood, the promotion of smart parking helps promote road planning, improve the construction of transportation system, and improve the quality of traffic management. The most significant is that the" parking difficulty "that causes the people's sense of travel experience to decline has been significantly improved; For the parking lot management, smart parking improves the user parking experience, but also improves the management quality and operates more efficiently. In the development of the industry, the emergence of enterprises such as etcp will bring "catfish effect", which has stirred the living environment of "fish", and activated the "survival" ability of "small fish"

in the general direction, China's intelligent transportation is developing towards intelligent construction, intelligent service, intelligent security and intelligent operation. In the future, it will enter a new round of intergenerational replacement. It is not only a key livelihood project, but also an important way to optimize the allocation of social resources, enhance the image of the city, promote industrial upgrading and promote the construction of ecological civilized cities, and accelerate the arrival of a new era

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