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[focus of the two sessions] eight highlights of the energy and power industry

: the whole country is a hall of advice for representatives to discuss the country and contribute good ideas, and it is also a window for people to track major livelihood issues related to life. On March 3, the 2019 national two sessions kicked off. At the two sessions this year, what issues in the energy and power industry will receive key attention and responses? China Power media will sort out eight highlights in the power sector this year

point 1: multiple reforms superimposed

reform is the primary keyword of energy development. "You still have to go through mountains and rivers." Reform still has more arduous tasks and remains the key magic weapon to solve problems in development. At present, multiple reforms are superimposed. This year marks the fifth anniversary of the new energy security strategy of "four revolutions and one cooperation". Supply side reform, market-oriented reform, reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises are all key paths to promote the high-quality development of the industry, especially the reform in the oil and gas field needs to be solved urgently. The energy industry will continue to adhere to the main line of supply side structural reform and improve the quality of energy supply. In the new year, how the energy industry strives to make substantive breakthroughs in various reform fields will become a key topic for discussion on behalf of the members at the two sessions

point 2: fight well the three tough battles

this year is the key year to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and fighting well the "three tough battles" is a key step. From the arrangement of this year's two sessions, we can also see the importance of the "three tough battles" in this year. On March 2, the first session of the CPPCC National Committee focused on three key battles. How to prevent and resolve major risks in the energy system, ensure energy security, how to play the role of energy poverty alleviation, promote targeted poverty eradication, and how to fight the tough battle of pollution prevention and control, the mission of the energy industry is arduous. On the eve of the two sessions, CLP media has carried out a special forward-looking report on the "three major battles"

point 3: reduce electricity prices to improve access to power services

energy is a basic industry of the national economy. Last year's government work report put forward the requirement of reducing general industrial and commercial electricity prices by 10%. In the past year, the power industry has actually taken a series of measures to reduce a total of four types of sample electricity prices, achieving the set goal of reducing electricity costs for the real economy by 98.5 billion yuan. The central economic work conference this year still made the deployment of reducing electricity prices. What space there is for reducing electricity prices will become a hot topic discussed in the two sessions. Reduce the energy cost of the real economy and improve the business environment. Over the past year, the power industry has been in full swing in optimizing the business environment and improving the level of access to electricity. In the new year, what aspects will the continuous optimization of the power business environment start from, which will become the third focus of the two sessions

point 4: state power to build "three types and two" enterprises

building a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness has been put forward for more than a year, major central enterprises in the energy industry have put forward clear vision, positioning and specific measures to promote high-quality development and move towards world-class. The "three types and two" proposed by Guodian has attracted much attention. Build hub, platform and sharing enterprises; Build and operate strong smart power, create ubiquitous power IOT, The transformation to energy interconnection enterprises will give power enterprises themselves and "What kind of impact the power industry brings will cause heated discussion among the representatives and members.

point 5: new growth points of energy development

the platform construction and in-depth integration with interconnection of the energy and power industry will undoubtedly play an important role in promoting the development of new business forms and new businesses. In the past year, smart energy, electric vehicles, energy storage, hydrogen energy and other fields have a strong development momentum and have received more and more attention from the industry. All parties in the industry The main body is also adapting to the new development situation and market changes of energy, looking for new growth points. In the context of weakening energy demand and declining energy consumption intensity, where is the new growth space of the energy industry, and which new fields and new formats will become the strategic focus of competing layout in the future. IOT, big data, artificial intelligence, so the RTI certification of domestic modified high-level molecules is still in the low stage. How to deeply integrate with the energy industry is urgent for the industry to think about, and will also become a key topic of the two sessions

point 6: new energy parity and consumption

in 2018, the news on wind power photovoltaic parity can be described as a stone to arouse thousands of waves, which has exerted a lot of impetus to the new energy industry to improve the technical level and accelerate the implementation of quota system and other related policies. In the new year, how to deal with the trend of parity of wind power and solar power generation, and how to further promote the consumption of new energy will still be the key issues to be solved by the industry, and will also be one of the hot topics discussed by the representatives and members at the two sessions

point 7: make up for weaknesses in energy science and technology innovation

make up for weaknesses and increase stamina. The dynamic change of the energy industry is the key to promoting high-quality energy development and ensuring energy security. Only by making up for the shortcomings in energy supply and key core technologies in the energy field can we calmly deal with the complex and volatile international situation and the energy game between the world's major countries. How to improve the innovation ability of energy science and technology and complete the primary task of ensuring energy security requires the collective thinking and action of the industry

aspect 8: clean heating

looking at the field of people's livelihood, clean heating in winter in northern China is still of great concern. Over the past few years, the cleaning and heating work has achieved phased results, but there are still many tasks to be tackled in the future. How to stabilize and guarantee the supply of natural gas and electricity for clean heating, alleviate the financial pressure of local governments and enterprises, reduce residents' heating costs, and promote clean heating technology according to local conditions are all urgent issues for the representatives to make suggestions

original title: two can realize complex experimental process. Eight highlights of energy and electricity

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