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Double strong, invincible

Yuzhan technology x Lantian computer jointly developed the "Diablo goddess NOx" DDR4 SO-DIMM memory with a maximum frequency of 3000MHz and an ultra high temperature resistant design, creating the world's strongest e-sports game book with extreme efficiency

(Taipei News) Yuzhan technology, a major manufacturer of global e-sports, and Lantian computer joined hands to jointly develop APACER "Diablo goddess NOx" DDR4 SO-DIMM e-sports game book memory, It is actually installed in the blue sky computer Clevo p870dm3-g E-sports laptop, and it also meets the experimental power. It has made a sensation in the market recently, and it is king in the world as a hegemon! "Diablo goddess NOx" DDR4 SO-DIMM performance can soar to 3000MHz, with a maximum capacity of 64GB (16GB x 4). Top specifications have dominated the industry for more than a year, and no rivals have been seen. It is worthy of the strongest legend in the history of SO-DIMM

Yuzhan x Lantian E-sports laptop's strongest combination

Lantian computer is one of the few professional manufacturers specializing in the R & D and manufacturing of E-sports laptops in the world, and has created many popular E-sports laptops. The latest generation of Clevo p870dm3-g is equipped with the most powerful performance equipment today. CPU, GPU and screen are all choices at a time, and the memory that has a huge impact on performance is also used. APACER "Dark Goddess NOx" DDR4 SO-DIMM, jointly developed by Yuzhan and Lantian computer, is used. The top performance has attracted high attention in the e-sports circle! Clevo p870dm3-g was listed in Europe under the name of Schenker xMg u727, a well-known E-sports pen brand, and immediately received high praise from the authoritative website notebook * as "at present, there is no comparable E-sports pen on the market, and even the most demanding games can be easily played"

the epoch-making E-sports artifact "Diablo goddess NOx" DDR4 SO-DIMM

Yuzhan's "Diablo goddess NOx" DDR4 SO-DIMM, which won the 2016 Taiwan boutique award, is not only the world's first SO-DIMM product with such a high specification. It has been on the market for one year and is more stable in the king's position, making it difficult for challengers to catch up with it. It is indeed unusual in the era of rapid technological changes, but also shows the excellent strength of Yuzhan's R & D units

having stable performance under extreme performance is the only standard of Yuzhan technology for E-sports products. APACER "Dark Goddess NOx" DDR4 SO-DIMM provides 64GB super capacity and DDR4 2400/2666/2800/3000mhz options, with impeccable performance. In addition, in order to help E-sports players always maintain the best fighting state, the "Dark Goddess" NOx has achieved excellent heat dissipation in a very small volume and first of all, 120 degree ultra-high temperature resistance design, ensuring that NOx can run at full speed for a long time in the narrow and hot internal space of the laptop, and improving the memory efficiency of the laptop as high as 35%

as the heart performance of the host is invincible, the king deserves it

Lantian computer pointed out that the "Diablo goddess NOx" DDR4 SO-DIMM jointly developed by Lantian and Yuzhan is the peak work of e-sports game book memory, which is of epoch-making significance in terms of performance or technology leadership. The launch of the latest generation of E-sports flagship Clevo p870dm3-g symbolizes the strong alliance between the two leading E-sports brands, and will become a benchmark that is difficult to surpass in the field of E-sports

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