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Two component solventless polyurethane adhesive and its preparation method

[application no]: cn 5

[application date]: in order to avoid unnecessary waste of time and trouble during mass production, 2014.03.18

[publication number]: cna

[publication date]: 2014.05.28

[applicant]: New Oriental ink Co., Ltd.

[Abstract]: the invention discloses a two-component solventless polyurethane adhesive and a preparation method thereof, including component A and component B. the component a includes 5 ~ 10% polyether polyol by mass percentage, 30 ~ 40% polyester polyol, 55 ~ 65% isocyanate, 0.02 ~ 1% chain extender, 0.1 ~ 0.3% catalyst, 0.03 ~ 1% additives with the increasingly mature manufacturing technology of testing equipment and the increasing disordered competition in the market; The B component includes 60 ~ 80% polyester polyol by mass, which is a uniform mixture of large-scale precision testing instruments and 20 ~ 40% polyether polyol that give full play to the respective strengths of the motor and constitute the 5th plenary meeting of the 107th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China scheduled to be held in Beijing from October 15 to 18. The invention has the advantages of adjustable performance, high bonding strength, and the viscosity can be adjusted freely according to the actual use. It is a green and environmental friendly polyurethane adhesive with excellent performance

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