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[observation of the two sessions] how to do a good job in traditional industries in "carbon" article

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at this year's national two sessions, carbon peak and carbon neutralization are hot words concerned by the representatives and members. The government work report proposes to do a solid job in carbon peak and carbon neutralization, and formulate an action plan for reaching the peak of carbon emissions by 2030

some representatives and members also put forward their own views on how to do a good job in "carbon" in traditional industries

Energy Industry: promote the transformation of fossil energy to clean energy

do a good job in "carbon", and the energy industry bears the brunt

at present, more than 80% of domestic carbon emissions come from energy activities. In energy activities, the carbon emission ratio of fossil energy is about 85%. The representatives and members interviewed believed that the key to achieving carbon peak and carbon neutralization was to transform fossil energy, which accounted for 85% of carbon emissions, into clean energy

the steel raw material market rose and fell, and the scrap market rose slightly. Wang Yili, member of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman of the board of directors of China Energy Guodian group, believes that renewable energy will become the main energy in the future, which will drive about 70 trillion investment. According to the analysis of member Wang Yili, "the investment of 70trillion yuan should be used to accelerate the construction of the national energy use right and emission trading market, improve the dual control system of energy consumption, and implement the special policy of financial support for green and low-carbon development."

Jiang Ximeng, deputy to the National People's Congress and President of Leshan Solar Energy Research Institute, collected 27 energy related policy suggestions and more than 10 photovoltaic related suggestions before the two sessions. "These suggestions play a role in promoting the application of new energy to further replace fossil energy from all angles." He believed that the government should have more active planning, and then decompose the tasks of carbon neutralization and carbon emission from all angles according to industry and regional coordination, and set specific targets for each place

automotive industry: "changing lanes" new energy

"Under the '3060' strategy, the process of carbon neutralization has not only brought about a revolution in the replacement of fossil energy by renewable energy, but also brought earth shaking changes to the current industrial system. Accelerating the construction of a zero carbon industrial system is an excellent opportunity for China to overtake. The advantages of made in China will be further highlighted. China will change from a demographic dividend to a green energy dividend and become the center of the global zero carbon new industry." Zhang Lei, deputy to the National People's Congress and CEO of vision technology group, said

Then the widening cost is several 10 times or even hundreds of times higher

"lane changing overtaking" is a key word repeatedly mentioned by the automotive industry in recent years, and its "new track" is new energy vehicles. In fact, since China announced the goal of "carbon peaking and carbon neutralization" in late September last year, new energy vehicles have become the "pacesetter". During the two sessions this year, this topic naturally became the focus of attention of the representatives and members of the automotive industry

"the electrification of trucks is imperative for the automotive industry to achieve peak carbon emissions and pollutant emission control." Li Shufu, a deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Geely Holding Group, suggested to promote the transformation of truck electrification. "The power exchange mode provides a feasible way of energy supply for truck electrification. The state has issued a series of policies to promote the demonstration operation of truck electrification and power exchange mode."

construction industry: it is urgent to develop green buildings

at the two sessions, two NPC deputies shared two sets of data with

the data provided by Hongjie, a deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman and President of sankeshu, is that according to the relevant data of the "China Building Energy Consumption Research Report (2020)" issued by the energy consumption professional statistical Committee of the China Building Energy Conservation Association in November 2020, the total carbon emissions of the whole process of national construction accounted for 51.3% of the national carbon emissions in 2018; In 2018, the total energy consumption of the whole construction process accounted for 46.5% of the total energy consumption of the country

PENG Shou, deputy to the National People's Congress, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and chief engineer of China Building Materials Group, showed such a set of data. China's construction area ranks first in the world. The total construction stock of existing cities and towns is about 65billion square meters, and the "operating carbon emissions" in the process of use alone each year reached 2.1 billion tons, accounting for about 20% of China's total carbon emissions

the two representatives reached the same conclusion: it is urgent to reduce building energy consumption and carbon emissions and vigorously develop green buildings

"in order to achieve the goal of carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutralization by 2060, it is necessary to analyze the iron content in lubricating oil, vigorously develop green buildings when lubricating oil is continuously supplied to the friction surface, and maximize resource conservation, environmental protection and pollution reduction within the life cycle of buildings." Representative Hong Jie said

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