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Wuhan quality supervision found that the largest fake paint factory in the past 8 years involves multiple brands

Wuhan quality supervision found that the largest fake paint factory in the past 8 years involves multiple brands

June 12, 2017

[China paint information] whether "Nippon" or "unibang", they are all made with the same formula. On June 9, the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision raided Tazihu, Jiang'an District. In fact, it was not easy to choose suitable equipment. A coating manufacturer suspected of making fake products of several well-known brands was punished, and 1211 barrels of problematic coatings, white latex and other finished products were seized, the largest scale in eight years

on the morning of June 9, according to the report, when the Wuhan quality film pendulum impact testing machine was conducting the impact test, the inspection and law enforcement personnel of the Inspection Bureau of the Technical Supervision Bureau, together with the Economic Investigation Detachment of the Wuhan Public Security Bureau and a team of 8 members, conducted law enforcement inspection on a chemical plant hidden in Tazihu, Jiang'an District. The law enforcement personnel found the coating suspected of using the names, addresses and other quality problems of several commodity production enterprises White latex and other products

this Hongcheng fine chemical plant in Jiang'an District, Wuhan is located at No. 96 lujiadun, Jiang'an District, and is located in a relatively remote area in Tazihu West Road. Entering the plant, a pungent smell came to my face. I saw at the scene that the plant covers an area of more than 1000 square meters, stacked with various raw materials for the production of coatings. A large cylinder with more than 1 cubic meter is filled with processed coatings, and on one side are many empty packaging barrels of brands, including nippon, Unilever, lion mountain, Fuhan, Hangang and other well-known brands

what is more shocking is that there are five steam boilers with a height of 3 meters and a diameter of about 1.2 meters in the plant. The boilers are rusty and only rely on a few fans to cool down. Law enforcement officials said that this caused the electrical performance of terminals and aluminum alloy cables to not match Shao. These boilers have no annual inspection marks, and there are great potential safety hazards

in another workshop, I saw a worker surnamed Lu still making "Nippon" paint with a mixing bucket. Master Lu called himself "the formula to evenly spread the estimate: Master Lu". He also said, "the factory produces more than ten brands of paint or white latex. In fact, the formula is the same, but the high-grade ones use better raw materials, and the low-grade ones use inferior ones."

I learned that if a ton of the same coating raw material is put into different brands of packaging barrels, its profit will range from hundreds to thousands of yuan

zhoujianxiang, deputy director of the Inspection Bureau of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, said that the factory did not have quality testing equipment, and the product quality could not be determined until sampling inspection. In view of the above-mentioned brand products suspected of using the name, address and other quality problems of commodity production enterprises, the products involved in the case were detained in accordance with the provisions of Article 24 of the regulations of Wuhan Municipality on the prohibition of the production and sale of fake and shoddy commodities

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