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Wuhan has successfully developed environmentally friendly wood plastic composites

recently, a kind of "eating" waste plastic, Control "white pollution" and use waste wood fibers (such as sawdust, wood branches) and plant fibers (such as bran shell, rice shell, peanut shell and plant straw) "Our goal is to provide the toughest and lightest materials and other wood plastic composites made with special additives, which have been successfully developed by researchers from Wuhan Institute of modern industrial technology, and become a new type of material that replaces wood with plastic.

this product is filled with thermoplastic resin in wood fiber and plant fiber, and some related stabilizers are added to make thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) And reinforced plastics meet the requirements of the government to improve fuel economy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, followed by Africa and the Middle East. Tackifying and blending modifiers are extruded into plates, profiles and pipes to replace the corresponding wood products. In addition to the advantages of easy processing and molding of wood, this material also has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion prevention, insect prevention, moisture prevention, long service life and reusable. Its hardness is 3 ~ 7 times higher than that of untreated wood, its wear resistance is 4 ~ 5 times higher, its compressive strength along the grain is 2 times higher, and its compressive strength across the grain is 4 times higher than that of untreated wood. Because of its low water absorption, low moisture absorption and expansion, strong thermal conductivity and thermal stability, and low thermal diffusion coefficient, the product can be antistatic and flame retardant, and the cost is 40% - 60% lower than that of pure wood or plastic, which expands a new way for the Value-added Utilization of wood

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