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Wuhan low temperature continuous glass fiber cloth and other insulation materials armed water pipes

cold weather is easy to freeze and crack outdoor tap water facilities. A few days ago, Wuhan Water Group once again reminded the public through this newspaper, There are several ways to prevent freezing before using more than 5000 molds to produce water supply facilities:

first, the available thermal insulation materials (such as foam thermal insulation pipe, glass fiber cloth, asbestos, when using the equipment, we should also pay attention to the maintenance of equipment parts products, straw ropes, old cotton padded clothes, etc.) will be wrapped tightly around the exposed water supply pipes and water meter facilities, and the outermost layer of the thermal insulation materials should be wrapped again with waterproof materials. Second, if there is a water tank on the roof, cover the top cover of the water tank, and wrap the upper and lower water inlet pipes and valves of the water tank tightly with thermal insulation materials. Third, the temperature is below zero, and the water supply facilities are not controlled in time: the computer controls the relevant antifreeze protection, which can keep the faucet dripping and prevent the faucet from freezing

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