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Wuhan: laser anti-counterfeiting lets smuggled goods go away

"the most afraid thing to give gifts to people is' smuggled goods'. It's much easier to recognize with laser anti-counterfeiting." Yesterday, Mr. Zhang bought a "Yellow Crane Tower" cigarette and two bottles of "Wuliangye" wine in a supermarket in North Lake. What "checks" the outer packaging of these two famous brand products is the laser holographic anti-counterfeiting logo produced by Huagong science and technology image branch (hereinafter referred to as "Huagong image")

"we need to make billions of such anti-counterfeiting marks a year." Lichunyang, assistant general manager of Huagong image, told me

the "patron saint" of famous and high-quality products

"I didn't expect that a small research topic in those days has grown into an anti-counterfeiting flagship with annual sales of hundreds of millions of yuan." Yesterday, the head of Huagong image sighed

before 2000, domestic cigarette bag anti-counterfeiting was still the world of enterprises in Germany, the United States, Britain and other countries. Later, Huagong image just overcame this technical difficulty and snatched the "Huangguoshu", "Dahongying" and other brands back from foreign companies. Until now, Huagong image is still the only enterprise in China that can provide cigarette bag positioning and hot stamping anti-counterfeiting solutions in batches

since 2002, Huagong image began to go abroad, and enterprises in Canada, Indonesia, Egypt, Singapore, Kazakhstan and other countries have become their customers. Among them, the most famous is the Royal Canadian Mint, whose gold coin certificates are marked with anti-counterfeiting signs of Chinese workers' images

today, Huagong image has become the "patron saint" of more than 500 famous and high-quality products, such as Maotai wine, Dabao skin care products, moisturizing eye drops and so on. The company has provided anti-counterfeiting for thousands of brands, so that the material can be more effectively prohibited from shooting programs and product production. At present, it produces billions of anti-counterfeiting marks and tens of millions of square meters of anti-counterfeiting packaging materials every year, which are widely used in medicine, tobacco, cosmetics, securities, customs and other industries

to "guard the door" for consular certification.

since July this year, the Ministry of foreign affairs has required all Chinese consulates stationed abroad to affix laser full information anti-counterfeiting marks when handling consular certification in order to prevent counterfeiting in the certification of consular preparations for the next experiment. The anti-counterfeiting schemes are all customized by Huagong technology image branch

Li Chunyang said, "as of yesterday, we have issued 500000 anti-counterfeiting marks to the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs." It is reported that the diameter of this anti-counterfeiting logo is 25mm, and the words "consular certification of the people's Republic of China" and the national emblem can be seen with the naked eye. The earnings per share is 0.20 yuan. According to the technical personnel of Huagong science and technology image branch, the logo contains four proprietary anti-counterfeiting technologies, including photochemical relief, high-power microfilm, dot matrix dynamics, true color, and a patented technology, all of which are independently innovated and developed by the company

source: Wuhan Morning Post

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